Biden’s Education Sec Doesn’t Know How Many Genders There Are

How many genders are there? “At least three” according to Joe Biden. Biden’s Secretary of Education evidently doesn’t know. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona was asked the question by Republican Representative Mary Miller during a House Education and Labor Committee hearing. When directly asked about the number of genders Cardona told Rep. Miller that he would not or could not provide an answer to the question.

Biological reality to be banned

The Education Secretary was being confronted by Rep. Miller about material which his department is sending to students and families.

This material explicitly outlines a hypothetical scenario in which a teacher tells a student that there are only two genders. The suggestion is that the teacher in this scenario should be reported to and punished by the Department of Education for stating biological reality.

Cardona refused to answer Rep. Miller, instead stating that the priority for the Department of Education is “to protect all students.”

The material his Department is distributing is, however, very clearly explains that both students and teachers are to be punished for observing the realities which the Biden Administration denies.

The Secretary of Education is, in sending this information to students and families, intentionally threatening those students with reprisals.

While the explicit motive is supposedly to protect the favored alphabet soup identifying students, normal students are being told that the United States will pursue them if they are reported for insufficiently opposed to basic biology.

Education Secretary targets students and teachers

“Protect all students” is increasingly becoming a leftist euphemism for the harassing of parents, teachers, and students who object to nonsensical ideas about unlimited genders and the trans ideology.

The Education Secretary and the Biden Administration have nothing but contempt for girls who wish to be protected from biological males intruding into their restrooms and locker rooms.

The Department material actually spells out another scenario in which school administrators are to be removed for attempting to protect their students from this occurrence.

The priority for the Department of Education and for public schools around the country is the systematic demoralization and violation of American students.

“Critical race theory” is a polite term for teaching white children to hate themselves for their ethnicity; “protecting trans students” means forcing students of all ages to share their restrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams with individuals who are biologically the opposite sex.

The Secretary of Education may not know exactly how many genders there are, but he certainly does know that he will happily use the state to punish anyone who hopes to keep his insane policies out of their schools.


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