Biden Sinking Ship Just Took Another Massive Hit

Joe Biden’s ship was already taking on water but it just rammed a huge iceberg in the middle of the night and the hit it took could sink it like a rock. Evil Overlord George Soros isn’t happy. Soros and those who pull his strings from even deeper in the shadows were convinced that Kamala Harris would clinch the Black vote. The only problem is that Blacks didn’t get that memo.

The sinking ship of fools

Democratic hopeful Joe Biden let Black Lives Matter high priests voodoo his soul into a jar at a recent fundraising event. So, to show that his campaign still has one, his handlers nominated Kamala Harris as his playmate until November. To civilized people who prefer law and order, it looks like the ship of fools is sailing off the cliff at the edge of the liberal’s flat-Earth world. Their ultimate goal is to install the first African-American female president of Jamaican-Indian descent. She could easily end up in charge like one of those sneaky computer update patches, where suddenly you wake up to a whole new machine without expecting it.

Those who hold Biden’s spray bottle and lead him to the podium were convinced Harris would capture the Black vote and put it in chains. The Rasmussen poll says otherwise. they found that “36% of Blacks say they are less likely to vote for him with her on the ticket.” Oops. “That’s a huge number and if BLM is consistent, they will not like Harris as VP,” Illicit Info writes.

Anarchists associated with Antifa and Black Lives Matter “have not been favorable to candidates who were DAs or police officers” even though they “forget that Joe Biden helped write the crime bill that led to mass incarcerations of Blacks.” There’s a good chance that somewhere in a box in Joe’s basement is an old Klan sheet from his early days in the Democrat party.

Blacks just don’t like her

Blacks would have been a lot happier with Samoan-American Tulsi Gabbard, who “destroyed Harris in the debate when she called Harris out on her record.” Black folks are still upset over the way Harris “sent over 1,500 people to jail for marijuana.” The hypocrite had no problem putting people behind bars for doing something she herself enjoyed. Harris proudly admits smoking weed so strong she could hear music from the future. Not only that, she bragged about “the fact that she kept prisoners beyond their release date and fought to keep the cash bail system in place.”

The Democrats are counting on the plantation mentality which they believe keeps Blacks voting Democrat to keep the welfare checks flowing. The media keeps calling Harris a moderate. That just means she hasn’t recently been arrested throwing any Molotov cocktails. When she votes, “her voting record in the Senate is more progressive than Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.”

Blacks aren’t the only ones jumping ship now that Kamala Harris is onboard. Out of all his prospective voters, “24% say it will make them less likely to vote for Biden now that Harris is by his side.” Since Biden might have had a hand in the plot to overthrow Donald Trump, he might end up in a jail cell instead of the Oval Office.

  1. the left is so desperte, they will try any thng any way to get their side to win.
    2016 was such a terrible blow to them.

  2. I had hoped she would be his pick in the beginning as she would be an anchor ⚓ around his neck..
    Sink sink sink….

  3. I really do hope blacks do not vote for her, she is a phony, fraud, and an outright liar in order to get rid of Trump…I sure hope his sail has sunk

  4. One of my friends of color told me that there was just something about her they didn’t trust . The way she spoke , as if talking down to everyone . And have read her dark family history at another site yesterday I would say she is less than honest . Combine that with how she reportedly rose to her present Posistion ? I’d say she is a sure no vote . Of course Anybody Georgie SoreAss supports is a guaranteed No Vote !

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