Armed BLM Member Sues Police for ‘Deputizing’ White Nationalist Vigilantes

You might not remember his name but you’ll undoubtedly remember his face. BLM protester Gaige Grosskreutz, who tried to kill Kyle Rittenhouse and had his bicep blasted off in return, is now suing the Kenosha Police Department. Grosskreutz claims that they “deputized white nationalist vigilantes” who intended to kill protesters. Kyle Rittenhouse faces his trial next month for shooting Grosskreutz and two other violent BLM rioters.

Formerly armed BLM protester sues

The lawsuit justifies the claim that Rittenhouse and others had showed up to shoot protesters by pointing out that they had brought loaded firearms.

It does not address the fact that Grosskreutz himself brought a gun to the BLM protest. He attempted to kill Rittenhouse with this while the teen was on the ground and vulnerable.

Grosskreutz claims that he supports the right to bear arms. Kyle Rittenhouse decided that he should only be allowed to bear one arm. The other was nearly blown off when Kyle acted just in time to save himself.

Unlike the others shot by Rittenhouse, Grosskreutz has no felony record in Wisconsin. He is, however, affiliated with a communist group which has a history of violence and he himself was arrested in 2016 for drunkenly brandishing a firearm.

Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, who were both killed, had extensive criminal histories related to child molestation and domestic abuse respectively.

Much has been said about the fact that three bullets fired at individuals attending a BLM protest happened to strike a pedophile, a serial abuser, and a communist. Surely that was just a coincidence!

Kenosha seeks to dismiss case

Grosskreutz alleges that the Kenosha police employed a white nationalist militia to attack protesters. Their being white and having guns is enough of a basis for this “white nationalist militia” accusation according to Grosskreutz and his lawyers.

Leftists have been enraged by the fact that Kenosha police officers were much friendlier with armed citizens who showed up to defend local businesses than they were with the BLM rioters.

The lawsuit points out that officers offered water to these polite and orderly citizens rather than handing out refreshments to a violent mob which was specifically directing its hatred against the Kenosha Police Department.

An attorney for Kenosha County has said that he will request that the case be dismissed. Grosskreutz does not have any evidence for his claims aside from the friendliness of the officers towards Rittenhouse and others prior to the shooting.

Grosskreutz will also have to explain his reasons for bringing his own gun to the BLM protest and for attempting to kill Rittenhouse with it.

To get anywhere at all with his lawsuit Grosskreutz and his lawyers would need to support their claim that Rittenhouse showed up to the protest specifically to shoot unarmed protesters, which is an absurd idea.

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