Starbucks Forced To Close Locations In Every Major Liberal City

Starbucks is one of those places that I only go to when it is absolutely necessary.

When I say absolutely necessary, I mean if there is no other place within reasonable traveling distance from which to get a cup of coffee.

April 2, 2018 – Warsaw, Poland – A Starbucks coffee shop is seen Warsaw, Poland on April 2, 2018. (Credit Image: © Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)

I mean, any cup of coffee can be made palatable if you do the right doctoring to it; but Starbucks seems to take more than others.

I remember I was in an airport about six or seven years ago and there was a Starbucks right across from my departure gate. I actually walked around the terminal for about forty-five minutes trying to find any place that served coffee.

It was only at the point that I was told that I would have to go back through the security checkpoint to find another place that had coffee. It was then, and only then, that I stood in line to get a cup of coffee from my most reviled of all coffee chains.

Let’s not even get into the idea that they call their smallest size a “grande”, that’s just the type of stuff people to go either look fancy or confuse folks into thinking they are getting something beyond what they are getting.

That being said, Starbucks is kind of a freight train when it comes to locations. Well, except in some cities.

According to a recent report, Starbucks is planning on closing locations by truck-full in just about every major liberal city in the United States.

It seems that there are a variety of reasons that the coffee giant is pulling out of these liberal cesspools, even beginning to shut down locations in their anchor city of Seattle.

Some of the closures are being executed due to what the company is referring to as safety concerns. It seems that for whatever reason Starbucks locations are becoming the target of liberal mobs whenever they want to voice their frustration that things didn’t work out for them the way that they hoped.

Part of the safety concern also rolls around that you will have a homeless person come into a location and set up camp. They’ll buy the cheapest thing on the menu and go sit in a secluded corner doing Lord knows what.

Once the management tells them it is time to leave, these homeless people will attack the staff.

It’s a shame that any business has to close, although with their support of liberal causes it seems that Starbucks is being forced to bandage a wound that they brought on themselves.

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