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Three Obama Aides Have Come Forward To Spill the Beans

I had a grandmother who lived well into her nineties and only passed away in the last couple of years. Through pretty much all of her life she was able to do the things that she was able to do when she was young.

Until the day came that she couldn’t. That was a rough day.

We still lived relatively close to her at the time, and she would call me about once or twice a week, usually after work and before dinner.

One time she called and it was from her cell phone, which as one of the older generation she avoided using like the plague. She called me and said it was an emergency. She said she was in a parking lot and didn’t know where she was.

It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t know where she was that bothered me. I’ve fallen asleep on charter buses on vacation and woken up not knowing what state I was in.

What chilled me to the bone was that it was a grocery store that she had been going to since the 1970s. Twice a week for fifty years. She had no idea where she was.

We had to talk about what happened and we ended up deciding to move her into a memory care facility not far from her house where she could still come and visit if she felt up to it.


What’s been happening with Joe Biden is alarming and depressing to anyone with a sense of humanity. I don’t trust Joe Biden any further than I can throw my car, but I am a human being with dignity and compassion.

He doesn’t need all this. He needs to be somewhere that he can be looked after. Oh sure, think I’m just some random guy that disagrees with Democrats telling you Biden’s mind is gone?

His own people are telling us. Recently three separate Obama aides spoke about Biden’s age and mental acuity and what they said was pretty alarming.


They’re trying to use his mind slowly turning to oatmeal to make him into a sympathetic figure they said. They are trying to use someone’s horrific mental issues that are just getting worse into votes. It’s sickening.

I feel compassion for anyone suffering from these kinds of medical issues. But just as my grandmother couldn’t live by herself anymore, Joe Biden should not be running the country anymore.

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