President Zelensky Dark Secret Revealed for ALL to See

Zelensky has been considered a bit of a cult hero ever since Russia invaded his country.

The comedian/actor turned politician wooed onlookers by going into warzones in full camo, then started wearing that camo while visiting other countries so they would not forget.

Fact-checkers have been trying to get at the real story on Zelensky since this all started, especially regarding his wealth.

Who Paid Him

There are all kinds of conspiracy theories out there regarding Zelensky, with many of them tied to how much money the man has in the bank.

He was a comedic actor before taking office, ironically portraying a regular citizen who decided to run for office to fight the government’s corruption.

The narrative could not have been more accurate when you consider the corrupt past of the Ukraine government.

Art mimicked life when Zelensky ran and was elected president.

This has not been a romantic presidency for Zelensky, however, as there has been a lot of speculation about the source and amount of his money.

He has been accused of various crimes, including laundering money and massive stashes of cash in offshore accounts.

Both are bothersome accusations when you consider how much aid has been sent to Ukraine via taxpayer dollars.

However, it is unlikely we will ever go to the bottom of the rumors due to Zelensky’s current status as a hero.

Much like Lance Armstrong was during his days dominating the Tour de France, nobody wants to be the heel that takes down a national hero, but perhaps there is a political writer out there that has the balls of David Walsh who is willing to put it all on the line to get to the truth, damn the consequences.

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