Biden’s One Tweet Sets the Internet on FIRE

Who knew that all it would take was one little tweet from Joe Biden to upset the apple cart.

I am not sure who is running Joe’s social media accounts, but they would be well advised to know the room.

When they sent out a tweet talking about Joe’s “word,” well, the internet just about melted down.

My Word

When Joe offers his word, what exactly is he offering? A family with a long history of corrupt activities.

A son whom he regularly covers for that loves prostitutes and drugs.

A long history of racist comments and outright lies to the American people.

Yet, with all that in Joe’s past, this is the tweet that was sent out to comfort Americans…

The RNC communications team did not miss a beat…

And this is probably my favorite, only because it is 100 percent accurate…

Has Joe Biden actually done anything since taking office that has benefited legal resident and American citizens?

If he has, I sure do not know about it!

Source: Fox News

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