Biden Signs ANOTHER Executive Order

Joe Biden has added another leather folder to the stack.

Yet another Executive Order was announced this week.

This will be Biden’s second EO related to abortion and the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

What Does It Do?

Fox News reports that an administration official explained, “It directs the Health and Human Services Department to consider using funds including Medicaid to support women traveling out-of-state for abortion services.”

The official continued, “It also directs the department to ensure health-care providers comply with federal non-discrimination laws when offering such services and orders it to collect data to measure the impact of the ruling on maternal health.”

In the overall scheme of things, the EO will have little impact.

What it will do, however, is give Joe Biden some much-needed headlines to feed to the liberal horde.

Biden has been under heavy fire since the Supreme Court issued the Dobbs case ruling that overturned Roe.

The horde cares little for substance, so this will keep them happy for a minute while Democrats continue to figure out a way to codify Roe.

Democrats are running out of time, however.

While the Senate is anyone’s guess, the House is surely turning red after the 2022 elections.

That is all the GOP needs to turn Biden into a lame duck and send him back to his basement for the final two years of his term.

Source: Fox News

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