Joe Biden’s DISGUSTING LIE About Son’s Death

Joe Biden pandering to a crowd is nothing new.

This time, however, is different.

He blatantly lied about the death of his son Beau.

How Can You?

Before liberal trolls accuse us of attacking Beau Biden, that is not the case here.

What happened to Beau was horrible.

He was a veteran who served this country, then died a horrific death due to brain cancer when he returned home.

That, however, is not how Joe Biden characterized it.

While at Camp Hale in Colorado, Biden stated, “American soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division scaled that 1800-foot cliff, at night, caught the Germans by surprise, captured key positions, and broke through the Germans’ defensive line at a pivotal point in the war.

“Just imagine — I mean it sincerely — I say this as a father of a man who won the Bronze Star, the conspicuous service medal, and lost his life in Iraq.

“Imagine the courage, the daring, and the genuine sacrifice — genuine sacrifice they all made.”

Beau did not lose his life in Iraq.

In fact, while everyone assumes his cancer was due to the toxic burn pits used overseas, that has never been proven.

Beau’s cancer surfaced once he was back home, and he died at Walter Reed.

It is just flat-out sickening that Biden would misrepresent his son’s death to pander to a crowd.

Source: Washington Examiner

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