Missiles FIRED… Under ATTACK

North Korea continues to spit in the face of Joe Biden.

Just as Kamala Harris was preparing to visit the area, North Korea decided to fire off a couple of missiles.

This was actually the second missile “test” conducted by Korea in the space of just three days.

No Respect

Love or hate Trump, this did not happen when he was in office.

This year alone, North Korea has conducted more than 30 missile tests.

This would also include testing intercontinental ballistic missiles, something it had not done since 2017.

The test is considered an even bigger slap in the face when you consider how close it was conducted to the arrival of Kamala Harris being in the area.

These tests have Japan getting very antsy.

Japanese Vice Defense Minister Toshiro Ino stated, “North Korea’s repeated missile firings amid [Russia’s] invasion of Ukraine is impermissible.”

There are also reports that North Korea could conduct a nuclear test sometime in the next 45 days or so.

Our enemies have never been bolder or stronger… simply taking advantage of the weakness of this administration.

Source: New York Post

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