Jim Jordan Breaks Silence

Jim Jordan went on Fox News this Sunday to break the media silence and now the liberal networks are scrambling to control his damage through selective quoting. His comments about James Comey and other parts of a Fox interview have been carefully edited out of the mainstream network stories.

Jim Jordan says the voters are fed up

The Ohio Republican made it clear that his constituents don’t give a darn about the Kung Flu, or the way it temporarily tanked our economy. All they want to know is “when will the arrests start?” Jordan urges Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney John Durham to keep his promise and begin pressing charges before the end of summer.

CNN won’t tell you that Jordan says we should be starting with James Comey, and that there were other high ranking rats nibbling the illegal cheese. “I think James Comey is the biggest culprit here. It was the small handful of people at the top of the FBI.” They weaponized the system against Donald Trump so blatantly that Nixon’s Watergate pales by comparison.

The progressives are ready to impeach Attorney General William Barr simply for saying “there was a failure of leadership” in the FBI” and that Obama’s administration really did illegally spy on Donald Trump’s campaign. The problem is that the Deep State might turn out to be powerful enough to cover it up and make it all go away. If that happens, the public will lose all faith in the rule of law, Jordan suggests.

The Obamagate conspirators

Just like Nixon’s plumbers, Obamagate conspirators bugged their political opponent. James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and former FBI general counsel James Baker, “had to be fired” for their roles in both rigging the election toward Hillary Clinton and for the manufactured Russia collusion witch hunt, Jordan explains. “Comey is the ring leader and I hope they give him a second look and he’s ultimately held accountable.”

The mostly Republican voters in the Ohio district Jim Jordan calls home have one burning question that keeps melting down his office phone lines. “Whether I’m in the fourth district of Ohio or traveling around our state, or traveling around the country,” he notes, people will “walk up to me and say when is somebody going to jail?”

The reason they say that, Jordan insists, “is that they’re sick of the double standard. This idea that there is one set of rules for the politically connected in DC and a different set for us regular folks.” If some high ranking Obama officials including Barack Obama himself don’t go to prison, then expect the pitchforks and torches to come out, as fed up citizens take to the streets to defend law and order on their own.

It’s to the point where if John Durham doesn’t start arresting people, the mob will take matters into their own hands. If the liberals insist on anarchy, they’ll get it. “So let’s hope that we have the investigation done before the election. Let’s hope that someone is going to be held accountable for the major wrongdoing that took place when they targeted the president’s campaign.”

  1. Now anyone who knows the history of Barr or Durham, know they are not patient persons when they find a crime has been committed. So their MO is not to set on anything, and Durham has never been a political person before now and i do not see him changing. Now both Barr and Durham have been all over the World trying to prove the FBI or other US intelligence agencies did something wrong, and have been laughed at by in most foreign countries they have been investigating in, and actually found nothing done incorrectly, Now when the IG who is independent found nothing done wrong except for 14 minor infractions, which the IG said would not have changed anything, now Barr has already said there would be no investigation into Biden or Obama, because there was nothing to be investigated.

    1. Too close to the election, some will say interference with an election. I’m more than a little concerned after two years some things may simply go past Statue of Limitations…

    2. “actually found nothing done incorrectly,” ? ? ?

      Just from the FOI information that exists today . . . we know that Obama & Biden led the charge to spy on the Trump Campaign & attack General Flynn . . .
      A long list of Obama officials Lied to Congress, u know like Stone . . . lol
      Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Rosenstein, Mueller have all been outed for their corruption . . . a dozen more could be added to the list.
      And you suspect you know something? Laughable man . . .
      In my world even the Manchurian fraud Obama would be perp marched into a Grand Jury!

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