Jim Jordan: ‘They’re Afraid’

Democrats are afraid. According to one fierce Republican lawmaker, liberal democrats are so frightened that they’re trying to sabotage John Durham’s Obamagate investigation. Progressive minions of George Soros like Eric Swalwell are terrified by rumors of what the special investigator may have already found. The only thing they can come up with to prevent Obama era treason from coming to light is to impeach Attorney General William Barr. It looks a lot like a last ditch effort to prevent Durham from submitting a report.

Democrats afraid of Durham’s report

The ranking member on the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, is convinced that a resolution “seeking an investigation into whether Attorney General William Barr should be impeached” shows how afraid Democrats really are. The proposal was signed by California Democrat Eric Swalwell “and dozens of other Democrats.” Barack Obama himself has recently been implicated, along with Joe Biden and the rest of the Obamagate “plumbers” who illegally wiretapped Carter Page to get to Donald Trump.

As Jordan told fox news, the thing that “scares” Swalwell about Bill Barr is “this investigation he has tasked John Durham to complete.” What really has them afraid is the attorney general’s assertion that “it is going to be done sometime this summer.”

Democrats, Jordan insists, “got spooked when Barr testified to Congress in April 2019.” That was when he clearly told the nation, “spying did occur” on President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. “They’re afraid of what that might show, mainly the spying that took place.” That’s exactly “what set these folks off.”

Democrats went crazy

“When Bill Barr first testified,” Jordan recalls, “he used the word ‘spying,’ and the Democrats went crazy.” The attorney general knew exactly what he was saying. “he used that word because that’s exactly what they did.” They falsified affidavits and literally lied to the court to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to tap Carter Page’s phone and listen in to conversations that the Trump campaign was having just before the election. They hoped to gather inside information to help Hillary win. She didn’t. Hillary Clinton lost an election heavily rigged in her favor and the floor fell out of all the New World Order schemes. After the election, they raised the stakes to a treasonous plot to overthrow a sitting president. Now they’re afraid they’ve been busted.

After AG Barr tasked U.S. Attorney John Durham with investigating “misconduct by federal law enforcement and intelligence officials,” the whole probe was kept tightly under wraps. Durham is digging into serious allegations that the manufactured “Crossfire Hurricane” anti-Trump investigation “was later wrapped into special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.” We all know now that the Democrats knew it was nothing but a witch-hunt before it even got started but they started it anyway. Now they’re afraid they’ll be charged with treason for it. Even after Richard Grenell released the hard proof that there was no collusion with Russia, Adam Schiff still won’t stop talking about Russian collusion. He’s starting to seem schizophrenic.


The only hope Democrats have of stopping the Durham report is to throw William Barr off a cliff. The left is afraid of, “the alleged politicization of the Justice Department,” forgetting it was them who weaponized the Justice Department against Donald Trump. As stated in the resolution sponsored by Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen, “Barr eroded confidence in the judicial system by questioning the legitimacy of Department of Justice investigations and discrediting the Department’s finding.”

In other words, they are afraid that the person in charge of the department dared to question what the Deep State rogue agents illegally cooked up in the back rooms. To Democrats, that’s a crime, so the supervisor deserves to be fired for properly managing his department against the wishes of George Soros.

  1. Yeah yeah yeah we will all be dead before we see the Durham report and Barr does anything. Never seen such foot dragging as this DOJ. They might not be crooked but they don’t have any thing to show for being there either.

  2. It does appear that the left doesn’t want any of their attempts to remove our President to be exposed. Checkout 2 of Dan Bongino’s books for the names and actions of these deep state operatives: Spygate…… and Exonerated….

  3. Let me see if I’m remembering this issue correctly. When the Democrats were investigating the Trump-Russia collusion bit, even though they knew he did nothing wrong, they accused him of “obstruction of justice”, because though he gave the investigators 1.4 million personal documents, he was uncooperative in the balance of the investigation. What an interesting concept-the investigators know you did nothing wrong at the start, but they initiated the investigation anyway. They convinced themselves that you did nothing wrong, but are now accusing you of the crime of not helping enough to prove your own guilt. This gets me to my point-if someone executes an investigation to discover why and how this abomination happened and someone else initiates an impeachment investigation on the investigator, is that not a gigantic obstruction of justice? Shouldn’t these impeachers be charged with the crime of obstruction and shouldn’t they see some serious jail times if guilty? Someone make it happen.

  4. Durham’s ‘s Report is a Criminal Investigation with Grand Jury participation and charges will be filed because there were Crimes committed, such as the possible/alleged “Charge of Treason” in trying overthrow an Incoming/present-acting Presidency of the United States.

  5. I was amazed by Bill Barr’s composure during all of this. He was relaxed, patient, calm except for that one time when the guy threatened him with contempt or some such nonsense. He made sure he answered the question and made the idiot look more like an idiot. He played them as easily as he plays his marvelous bagpipe and when I settled down and felt calmer, I smiled. Bill Barr won that round.

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