New WH Virus Strategy – Learn to Live With It

“We need to live with it.” The mixed messages are over. There won’t be any more bickering between administration officials and health experts, because the White House has settled on an official coronavirus strategy, learn to cope and go back to work.

Time to live life again

Beginning next week, the administration is “planning to intensify what they hope is a sharper, and less conflicting, message of the pandemic,” NBC relates. It’s time we started learning to live with it. Yes, there was “a crippling surge in cases across the country” recently. There was a surge in ordinary cold and flu cases as well. The common cold is also a “coronavirus” and the normal flu we get every year kills almost as many people as Covid-19.

This isn’t a sudden about face in policy, it’s an acceptance that no amount of quarantine or social distancing will prevent the regular cyclical infections from here on out. It’s time to stop treating 2019-nCoV like the Andromeda Strain, and try to live as much of a normal life as we can.

According to officials, “at the crux of the message,” is a “recognition by the White House that the virus is not going away any time soon.” Whether liberals like it or not, everyone has to live with it and there’s no doubt it “will be around through the November election.” It will be around for many years to come.

Focus on life not death

For months, the mainstream media has been hyping all the grim statistics by reporting the exponential progression of infections and overemphasizing every single death. While the medical and research community continues to work on vaccines and treatment drugs, the White House will switch to a more positive message focused on life and how to live with the now ever-present virus.

From here on out, the White House “will increasingly emphasize the relatively low risk most Americans have of dying from the virus.” Up until now, all the health experts have been doing live updates on TV with “a series of predictions and pronouncements that never came to fruition.” We never had the proper data to make any real predictions. Garbage in – garbage out, as they say.

Chinese officials kept a tight lid on the data in the beginning and the World Health Organization let them get away with it. They knew early on how infectious the disease was, and hid the true extent of the threat from the rest of the world until they were able to insure every other national economy on the planet was going to tank along with theirs. Now we all have to live with it.

As President Donald Trump has been saying all along, the cure can’t be worse than the disease. “We have to get back to business. We have to get back to living our lives.” “The virus is with us, but we need to live with it,” an official told NBC.


  1. The initial worry was about ‘flattening the curve’ so we would not flood our hospitals with covid patients needing ventilators. Well that disaster never happened other than where the Democrats cause the virus to spread to old people in nursing homes. And we cannot shut down the whole country waiting for virus ‘cases’ to go to 0 no matter how much the Dems wish for a disaster to help them this November.

  2. Hallelujah!!! Is this for real. Finally we’re going to get the boot of government off our throats? In reality this virus has been less than a bad flu year and we have a vaccine for that – which I don’t get. At best it’s only 50-55% effective and most years around 38%. All but one person I know who gets the flu shot gets the flu and everyone I know who doesn’t get the flu shot, including my whole family, doesn’t get the flu. And we don’t “protect” ourselves ad nauseum during flu season. We just get on with our lives.

    A few years ago when we had the H1N1 flu it hit the schools hard. We did not close them down except occasionally for maybe a week to disinfect if a school was hard hit. We never had any reason to close down the schools this time other than to make life hell for families and achieve a Democrat political agenda, and now I’m seeing where governments are dragging their feet about even opening them this coming school year. We need to get over ourselves and get back to living and enjoying life. Nothing is better for our immune systems than experiencing happiness and joy – and peace. I sing in a chorale and we have been shut down till whenever. My husband and I sing in our church choir and we are fortunate to be able to be two of the ten allowed in our sanctuary at church to sing for our online services – which look right now to be a forever thing, since too many churches refuse to open their doors for in-person worship.

    While my whole family does not get the flu, we have all had the Coronavirus. My son, his wife and two children brought it back from visiting family in Indiana on Spring Break in March. My son’s showed up as bad fatigue, he rested and got over it. My daughter-in-law had fatigue and some chest discomfort that went away. The grandkids were not touched by it at all. It showed up as a sinus infection for me, no taste no smell, but it never went into my chest. I got over it in about 7 days. My husband was the worst as his became viral pneumonia. By the time he felt it was necessary to go to the doctor, he was over it. They admitted him to the hospital for testing because he’s 73, but marveled at the fact that he was getting over the virus himself. He showed up negative twice (low viral load) and was discharged as soon as the second test came back. He said they figuratively threw him out.

    So why are we forced to wear masks? Could it be the powers that be are more interested in infection numbers than recovery numbers. They are only now talking a lot about antibody/antigen tests. I think we’ll find out we have nearly reached herd immunity with no vaccine. The masks aren’t working, social distancing is ridiculous and stay at home orders are draconian. I can’t believe we’ve allowed ourselves to be led around like sheep. Only going one direction in store aisles, wearing masks whenever we leave our homes, not spending time with family and friends. We fought and won the Revolutionary War, but this war seems nearly impossible to win without President Trump putting his foot down and mostly moving away from the “experts” he’s been using for months. They actually play for the other side.

    I live in Texas and I’m furious right now that our state government has fallen for all the hype and rise in numbers without the context to go with it. We were nearly fully open and now we are nearly back to square one – and being forced to wear masks. I’ve got claustrophobia and with that and the Texas heat, I struggle every time I want to go anywhere, including inside a business even with A/C. I truly hope that what I’m reading here is the real deal. Since when did staying closed to bend the curve (supposedly two weeks in the beginning) become we can’t resume life as we know it until there is no disease left. Does that mean any disease? And, according to some, we will never return to the normal we knew. Want to bet. I’m finally starting to see the silent majority becoming more and more vocal. We need to start getting together again. If the protests and mobs can do it, we can too!

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