Trump Confirms U.S. Cyberattack on Enemy Country

President Donald Trump confirmed on Friday that yes, the United States carried out a secret cyberattack operation on Russia to protect the 2018 mid-term election. It was effective too. At the time there was intelligence that the United States was “under attack” because Russia “had been emboldened” by “the success of its previous influence operations,” for which Barack Obama “had imposed no price.” Trump cost the Russians a lot of rubles when he went on the offensive.

Trump confirms an offensive 2018 cyberattack

President Donald Trump doesn’t like to to talk about intelligence matters to the press but he made an exception when he sat down with Marc Thiessen at the Washington Post. When asked if the U.S. had launched a cyberattack against Russia, the president replied, “Correct.”

As the hotly contested election was heating up in 2018, the administration launched an offensive cyberattack on Russia’s “Internet Research Agency.” Everyone in the intelligence community knows it’s nothing but a “troll farm.” It’s the same operation blamed for “helping to facilitate” election interference in 2016.

Barack Obama “knew before the election that Russia was playing around,” Trump related. “He said nothing. And the reason he said nothing was that he didn’t want to touch it because he thought [Hillary Clinton] was winning.” He thought wrong. Unlike Obama in 2016, in 2018, “we stopped it,” Trump declared. Our cyberattack left their servers smoking.

An official confirmation

Everyone was pretty sure that the U.S. was behind the 2018 cyberattack, but President Trump’s statement is considered by the left to be an “official confirmation” of what they already knew. It really was no big secret.

When the cyberattack was first reported in October of 2018, “against the company bankrolled by an oligarch close to Russian President Vladimir Putin,” senior officials admitted we did it. They “confirmed that the strike occurred and was effective, taking the Internet Research Agency offline.”

President Trump also mentioned it before but CNN seems to forget about their own reporting. What they wrote back then was “Trump appeared to confirm that the US had conducted such a cyberattack against a Russian entity during the 2018 midterm elections.” Apparently, they just didn’t believe what he said in the June 2019 interview because it aired on Fox.

  1. I don’t believe it. Why are we just now hearing about a classified attack on Russia? It never happened. Trump would never cross Putin’s military hackers especially when he and his Republicans were so in need of help–40 House seats lost; margin in the Senate narrowed; Trump kissing up to Putin all the time. It’s a hoax. Cut the bulls**t.

  2. Way to go President Trump! Now let’s hear the anti-American liberals rant over it. Too bad suckers…you all will just have to go back into your basements for another FOUR MORE YEARS!

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