BREAKING: Durham Now Has Cold Hard Evidence! Now to Put People Behind Bars

U.S. Attorney John Durham now has the cold hard evidence he needs to start putting people behind bars, and a powerful insider assures impatient Americans that they can “expect indictments” by the end of summer, as promised.

Durham has his hands on the evidence

Americans are growing ever more impatient for Barack Obama and his minions to face the justice they deserve. The former deputy to Michael Flynn, during Flynn’s stint as President Trump’s national security adviser, told Fox News this week that John Durham has enough cold, hard evidence to start arresting people.

“Now,” K.T. McFarland insists, “there is the cold, hard evidence.” According to Flynn’s deputy, “it turns out that these senior officials in the intelligence community and the FBI, they all took notes. They all texted each other. They all had handwritten notes of meetings.” Every bit of it is evidence to be used against them in court.

McFarland has an interest in the proceedings because she got thrown under the bus along with Flynn, when the FBI entrapped him. That’s how she knows details of the evidence already gathered. “From what I’m hearing, the Durham investigation and the Justice Department is the getting to the point where I think we can expect some indictments before the end of the summer.” That is extremely good news for the American public who was beginning to believe they would need to become as “unreasonable” as the rest of the anarchists to get anything accomplished.

DOJ expects ‘developments’

It’s been a full year since Attorney General William Barr unleashed Durham to tear into the Deep State deception. The special prosecutor has been keeping a tight lid on what’s going on behind the scenes in his probe. All we know is that every day more and more evidence of misconduct by the Federal Bureau of Instigation and the Department of Injustice are declassified every week. If Durham doesn’t start arresting people soon on some really serious charges, there will be even more riots in the streets.

Ever since last fall, the public has been aware that there was enough evidence to shift the focus into a criminal investigation. Despite the efforts of Adam Schiff to hide the documents by classifying them, former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell managed to get them out to the public last month. We also learned that Michael Flynn was intentionally entrapped by the FBI, The FBI and DOJ forged documents and lied to the FISA court to wiretap Carter Page, and that they staged an intelligence briefing with incoming President Donald Trump as a fishing expedition to find things they could twist into using against him.

Now we know, Michael Flynn was a better ambassador than anyone gave him credit for because he said all the right things in his phone calls with the Russian Ambassador. He did not say any of the things the FBI accused him of saying though, through illegal leaks of classified information to the press. In the end, everyone is hoping that Durham will stumble on some truly incriminating evidence, like a copy of Barack Obama’s real birth certificate or a peek at his secret college transcripts, but that’s probably expecting a little much.

      1. s0rry i don’t want them in prison,i want t hem to face a firing squad,if they stay alive the american tax payer will be paying for their support.they already have enough from the American people.

        1. The only way to get rid of them forever is a firing squad or a hanging! As long as they are alive, they will find a way to cause trouble & try to ruin this country ever more.

          1. Hangin’s too good for them. However, since we no longer use drawing and quartering as a punishment, and beheading might traumatize any kids who witness it, a firing squad or the noose will have to do.

            But, as actor Alec Baldwin once suggested, we should also kill their wives, husbands and their children. And then burn down their homes. And delete their names from the history books.

            I’d go and piss on their graves, but I don’t like standing in long lines.

          2. Now with regards to BLM they can remove everything about the Clinton cartel. Get rid of every shred of the Obama administration. Go back to Ceasars quote= Ev Vidi Veldi Velchi instead of Hitler-s= I came I say he died. Recoup the money they stole from the American people. Not another cent to be spent on this waste of human flesh. It`s time to die.

      1. The list of traitors to let a Kenyan born muslime illegally in charge of America, for that alone all deep state needs to be hung, oboma aka barry soetoro can not be tried for as a traitor, he still is not a citizen of the United States. THE VERY SIMPLE QUESTION HERE IS WAS barry soetoro EVER A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, WHY DOES NO ONE ASK THAT??? THE ANSWER IS NO

  1. So sad nothing is going to happen to anyone. They all know what they did at the FBI. They all knew what Hillary has done but nothing happened. They say the LAW IS THE SAME FOR EVERYONE. That’s a lie. It’s not the same if anyone did what happened in 2016 – 2020 jail. If I ever brake the law I want the same treatment that everyone has gotten! NOTHING!!!!!!

  2. Nothing will ever come of the investigation. There are too many ‘good old boys’ involved, and they will all be protected. “I got your back, you got my back!”

  3. Just more BS to put hope in some peoples minds, now if anyone knew the history of Durham he is not one to linger when he finds wrong doing, almost instant indictments and the rest to go with it. Now Barr is trying to fire up Trumps base about something that they found nothing improperly done except for some campaign finance irregularities. Barr ahs already said there will be no investigation into, Obama or Biden because there is nothing to investigate. Now all this is in an around about way hurting Trump with independent voters who normally sway the election, now senseless investigations to help Trump is not the job description of the AG in any way, the AG is not even authorized to do investigations on his own that is why he is a department manager, and has persons assigned under him to do those things. That would be like a General in the Army conducting an investigation of a unit him self, not done they assign people to do that kind of thing that are experts in the field of investigation.

  4. Yea right. I have been hearing this crap about Hillary for the last 4 stinking years about how she will be indicted very soon ans she is still running around free. So come back and tell me when it actually happens

  5. Durham had better get his rear moving. The Bureaucrats from the previous Administration need to be indicted, signed sealed and delivered before the election. They all need a change of clothes, as in orange jumpsuits, labeled Federal inmate. If Quid Pro becomes president, these indictments will wind up in the trash can. Has to happen NOW!

  6. One thing I know for sure….IF anybody is elected in 2020 other than Trump…all this will just go away , never to be looked at again.

  7. Well lets see, I concur with several comments on this forum about Obama and Biden and the Clinton’s will not be Indicted, this Is true because I heard attorney general William Barr say It out loud In a Interview with a news correspondent, however all of Obama’s underlings and entourage working for him are fair game.

    I think all of your Presidents, and Vice Presidents for that matter are protected under the constitution and department of justice regulation, you ever heard of a President In or out of office being criminally prosecuted for anything? me either because It’s never been done nor will It ever be. That’s the reason Obama and Clinton are so brazen.

  8. I wonder what the lame stream media is going to do when over half of the Democratic Party is going to be sitting behind bars! They won’t have anyone to root for! Maybe after we take out the Democratic party, we can take out the lame stream media and make them all accountable for all of their lies! Make them pay restitution for every person they slandered!

  9. It is so hard to believe in what has happened in this great country of ours. The people who had control have done the opposite and only controlled themselves an are trying to take this country over to make it a Socialistic country as they have so much Hate this country the way it has been and so many of us now believe that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. I PRAY THAT DUNHAM WILL PROVE THIS IS TRUE SO WE CAN GET BACK TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY AGAIN AND ALL THE PAST HISTORY WE HAVE HAD.

  10. I would hope that not one piece of evidence is release on those that are GUILTY, UNTIL after the Democratic Convention, later this month. Then lower the boom on those that are GUILTY, and not before.

  11. There are a lot that have to have answers, even Hillary said, “If I go down a lot of others will go down with me.” This implies that she knows she broke right law and knows of others that have done likewise. The democrats are rife with corruption and greed. They want power and money and the money comes from our taxes, lobbyists, corporations and foreign nations.

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