They tried to change recount rules to fit political whim

Why bother having rules at all if it isn’t going to be enforced? Why go down this road? Because of the need to cover something up. We’re going to keep finding reasons why the election process can’t be trusted anymore. However, if you scrap it, we’re choosing leaders with bloodshed. We’re facing our Second Revolution. These processes were put in place deliberately.

Wisconsin tried to change the rules

You incriminate yourself and the proof is there for the world to see. Regardless that the vote was to not change the rules after all, that you brought this emergency meeting together at all is wrong. Just do the recount, do it right and you have nothing to hide! Unless you do have something to hide…

Kayleigh McEnany spoke with Sean Hannity about this. The rule calls for showing the actual application. Clerks didn’t follow the rules and just handed out ballots.

Wisconsin allows those that are indefinitely confined to vote absentee ballot without voter ID. But there still needs to be an application. This number went up three and four fold from 72,000 last election to 240,000 due to COVID fears.

Trump gave them funds to help with the recount

The Wisconsin Election Committee then realized they were in trouble. The petition was worded strongly enough so people who knew they were in the wrong wondered if the rules could be changed. How many people on that committee had their blood run cold? If you change these rules now, you might have to change jobs.

Trump made the rubber hit the road as well. He fired Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Chris Krebs for saying this election was “the most secure in history”. How much were you paid to say that, Mr. Krebs? Because you know darn well it’s the complete opposite.

Rules are made as they go

It’s done for political expediency, a means to an end. But that can turn around to bite you and it has. Mitch McConnell noted to some officials some time ago that a particular rule was changed to fit the politics of the moment.

It makes you think when that rule that was changed for a reason that happened to be in your favor at the time winds up not being in your favor an election or two down the road.

Georgia magically found votes, there were three containers full of Trump votes unaccounted for. A poll observer found a 9,000 vote difference. You might have some observers but it’s in name only.

They’re kept so far away or there isn’t enough of them to be able to do their job! Only 30% of New York’s ballots should be counted, machines are being used to verify signatures. People have screamed to “get out the vote” but if the process can’t be trusted, do we need to go to war to choose our next leader?

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