They’ve Shut Down After 44 Years, Thanks to Rising Crime

Another Baltimore retailer called it quits and closed up shop. Jody Rosoff blasted the last armed socialist who tried to share her wealth and she’s not going through that again. She’s not the first merchant to leave the crime infested city and won’t be the last. City leaders are left with urban blight, empty storefronts and a big hole in the tax base. They’re going bananas trying to figure out where the money to pay for social welfare projects is going to come from.

Baltimore crime bad for business

Jody Rosoff owns Doc’s Smoke Shop in the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. Her establishment has been supplying nicotine to the village for the past 44 years but won’t be doing it for much longer.

Thanks to rising crime, which “she experienced first hand when she was recently robbed at gunpoint for the second time,” Rosoff is forced “to close her business.” She shot the bandit but isn’t happy about having to do it.

Ms. Rosoff didn’t kill anyone, only wounded an armed robber in the leg. Still, she understands completely that the outcome could have been much different and she might be the one with lead poisoning. She’s not dying to sell cigarettes in the violent city of Baltimore.

This is our second armed robbery in six months.” The police didn’t show up until long after she had the situation under control. She’s done paying taxes for services which aren’t being provided, like public safety. Even basic law enforcement is a thing of the past.

While Rosoff accepted the role of vigilante when it was forced on her, she doesn’t intend to keep playing superhero. Especially when Baltimore police aren’t actually allowed to do what they were meant to do. Deter, prevent and dispense consequences for crime.

We have been here in the city for 44 years. For 44 years we’ve paid property taxes, retail sales taxes, and we have employed people. It’s just not safe. It’s not safe for my employees or for me. It’s not safe for anybody on this street that’s a small business owner.

No money for hired guns

Small business owners in Baltimore like Rosoff operate on a thin margin of profit. Every item walking out the door without being paid for hurts them personally. They take their lives in their hands and struggle to make a profit.

We can’t afford armed security,” Rosoff explains. “The business just isn’t there.” One thing is certain, she kept her head in the crisis.

Ms. Rosoff shared the security footage “from an attempted armed robbery of her store in March.” It happened in broad daylight. She “was stacking shelves at 1 p.m. when a man entered the store and pulled a gun on her demanding merchandise.” He took his time about it. “About five minutes into the conversation he pulls out a gun, and he says ‘I’ll take everything.


No you won’t, Rosoff replied while shooting him. Baltimore police back her up and won’t be charging her with anything. They wish she would have done them a favor by killing him to keep him off the streets. Prosecutors can’t be expected to hold up that end of the law enforcement bargain.

Rosoff was ultimately able to retrieve her gun from behind the counter, and she shot the armed robber in the leg that led to a scuffle in the entryway of the store, where she was essentially fighting for her life.” Just another day in Baltimore. The video shows Democrat political policies in action, only a stones throw from our nation’s crumbling capitol.

Police later arrested a convicted felon, Jerome Owens, with a lengthy record spanning 25 years that includes several burglaries and robberies.” That ticked Rosoff off. “Shame on the mayor, shame on the judges, and the prosecutors and our former state’s attorney for letting this happen to Baltimore City.

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