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Video: Biden Finally Takes a Real Question From Reporter…It Doesn’t Go So Well

As we’ve all seen for the past several months, Joe Biden’s speaking abilities have clearly deteriorated. It is almost cringe-inducing to watch him attempt to utter a coherent sentence.

This must be why we’ve seen so little of him in the media as of late, besides comments given by his campaign staff. But Biden has come back into the media spotlight to answer a question in real-time, and, although he actually strung together some sentences, he refused to answer the actual question, and instead went on a long-winded rant.

Peter Doocy, a reporter from Fox News, managed to ask a question of the former vice president at the end of one of Biden’s speaking events. Doocy asked about past comments Biden made regarding the coronavirus pandemic and Biden’s actions surrounding COVID.

“You said that you warned President Trump in January that there was going to be a pandemic and what needed to be done. If you knew that, then why were you still hosting crowded campaign rallies in March?” Doocy said.

Biden’s response was a long rant about all of the things that he supposedly called for before President Trump did.

The Daily Wire put together a comprehensive list of the claims, and refuted all of them:

  1. “Biden called for coronavirus tests to be free 9 days after Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.”
  2. “Biden called for coronavirus testing to be available nationwide 12 days after Trump announced that testing was available in all 50 states.”
  3. “Biden called for “cooperation” between the federal government and the states after numerous Democrat governors praised Trump for his work with them.”
  4. “Biden announced support for barring entry into the U.S. for individuals who had been to China 2 months after Trump announced a travel ban on China.”
  5. “Biden called for a CDC team to go into China 50 days after the Trump administration took action.”
  6. “Biden claimed that he called for the Defense Production Act to be used “before anyone,” which came shortly after Trump announced plans to use it.”
  7. “Biden called for someone to be put in charge of handling the coronavirus response 5 weeks after Trump tapped Vice President Mike Pence to lead the White House Coronavirus Task Force.”

Editor and filmmaker Kelb Hull shared the video of the vice president on Twitter:

Social media users quickly accused the former vice president of using the lie-filled rant to deflect from answering Doocy’s question, since Biden held eight rallies in March, while President Trump only held one.

Cognitive Decline

The Democrat presidential nominee at least did better in this instance than in others. Twitter users have been commenting on the difference between when Biden’s staff prepares him, or when he’s attempting to speak on his own.

Brent Scher, editor of the Free Beacon, pointed out the difference between what was written on the teleprompter, and what Biden actually said:

The only explanation for the variation in Biden’s speaking abilities seems to be dementia. At times, he appears semi-lucid and can string together some sentences, but at other times he appears completely out of it, agitated, and unable to speak clearly. The question is, which version of Biden will show up for the presidential debates?

  1. Joe,Joe,Joe we Deplorable’s are not your minions we know DemoEvilCrats set this up with China so you could win. America do you really want this person as your President I surly do not.

  2. The dems want to ban large gatherings simply because they can’t get a large gathering. When Biden calls a meeting about 6 people show up. If he could get the kinds of crowds Trump is getting, they would have no problem with large gatherings.

  3. As our president has so clearly articulated, Biden doesn’t know he’s alive. His handlers feed him, dress him, prop him up and put the words in his mouth. Poor Dems, if he’s the best they have to offer, and Kamala who rose to the top of the political ladder on her back is no better.

  4. Poor slow Joe the basement rat, can’t answer a simple question. But then he can’t read a teleprompter, remember who his wife is, induced himself as Joe Biden, Joe Biden’s husband and shouldn’t be trust to run bath water much less the nation.

  5. If he could remember what he said , and not think it was trump that said it . things would be better off for him . But as long as he trys to take credit for what trump said’s and does he looks like idiot . His adds on tv are funny to watch . he repeats what trump been saying all along and trys to blame trump for what he’s been saying all along . Yea he’s the right choice for president … if you live on sesame street .

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