AG Barr Makes a Move That Has Democrats Seething

Attorney General William Barr has Democrats furious after the bold move he made on Wednesday. He showed up in the lions den generally referred to as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer show and actually dared to defend President Donald Trump.

AG Barr all set to send in troops

When Attorney General Barr appeared on CNN Wednesday evening, he had the host turning a Democrat shade of blue and sputtering. He didn’t waste much time getting to the point, which was to justify President Donald Trump’s suggestion that it might be a good idea to send federal agents to polling places.

William Barr is a lawyer and has a lot of tolerance for non-lawyers like the president throwing legal terms around loosely. He gets the point behind the spoken words. President Trump is absolutely right that the polling places should be defended. The part he got wrong was that the Sheriffs aren’t the ones for that job. As Attorney General, it’s Barr’s job to explain that there are other troops for that. Which he did to a stunned Wolf Blitzer.

Ever since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, federal troops have been sent to the polls. As Barr explained, “the Justice Department has historically sent agents to enforce civil rights.” Democrats claim they want civil rights for Blacks but they don’t want armed troops at the polls because then they can’t disrupt the elections. They can’t figure out which way to fall over.

Make sure people aren’t harassed

Blitzer looked a lot like a fish in a suddenly empty bowl as AG Barr noted, “federal agents had been sent in the past to ‘enforce civil rights’ and ‘to make sure that people were not being harassed and there was no suppression of vote against African Americans’ in the past.”

The VRA specifically allows the attorney general to “send federal observers to ensure there was no voter suppression.” Barr plans to do just that. President Trump declared he “would send ‘sheriffs, and we’re going to have law enforcement, and we’re going to have, hopefully, U.S. attorneys, and we’re going to have everybody and attorneys general’ to weed out voters who had not registered or were out to commit fraud.”

Well, he has the right idea. When Blitzer finally got a word in edgewise, he started hammering AG Barr for President Trump’s reference to the “treason” committed by Barack Obama and his administration. He didn’t like the Attorney General’s legal opinion on that one bit. “Well, treason is a legal term. I think he’s using it colloquially. To commit treason, you actually have to have a state of war with a foreign enemy. But I think he feels they were involved in an injustice. And if he feels that, he can say it.” In other words it might not be “treason” but its something very similar to it which needs to be fixed and fixed now. Even if it is less than 60 days before an election.

  1. I love this idea, because of the mail in ballots, the demorats are going to do everything they can do, to cheat.

  2. Well, there is a book thats been out for some time, Impeachable offences, directed to the obama administration of 8 years. there is another certified report/commintary from a verified real reporter and his place of work, A list of x president obamas accomplishments during his 8 years as being the first black man elected to be president, i have posted it on facebook and other social outlets , now don’t get excited right off until you read the report/ documentary . written by americasFreedomFighters .com. what you get from it is up to you, but everything listed is and has been verified. it also is in the library hall of records . have a good day…

  3. Now what else would you expect a Trump lap dog to say about his master. Barr’s approval is lower than Trump’s which does not say much about what the public thinks of his handling of his Department.


    2. “Wing Man” Holder – he even admitted to being the President’s lap dog. I guess you missed the charges against Steve Bannon?

  4. A much larger impact would be to have Federal authorities do something never done before… have oversight, of the entire process of ‘Mail’. Mail is a set of transfers, in this case ballots, and 20 million ballots have disappeared in,,,, “The Mail”!! in the last 20 years. The ballots don’t evaporate at/in a persons personal mailbox, they don’t evaporate at the election counting locations, they disappear in between…. IN THE MAIL PROCESSING!!! 20 million……. these 20 million envelopes are not disappearing but in certain time frames, not every day but in the short time of elections, mostly 2 months in a election cycle, election cycles are only 2 years apart, or 4 or 6 or 8… but in two year periods. So a million ballots at minimum disappear every two years in a 2 month max time set,,,,,,,60 days, one million ballots disappear if using averages, 16,000 ballots disappear each day… averaged.
    So one has to ask, 16,600 ballots per day… why haven’t any been found in landfills? I mean really, a million of these ballot envelopes s a tractor trailer load size plus….. of envelopes. @0 Years and 20 million ballots and no one seems to know(or care?) just how these envelopes disappear, poof? Magic? A Black Hole? Alternative universe? Alternative dimensions?
    20 million…. not a single notice of volumes of said disappeared envelopes.
    Believe it or not there is only one set of locations where masses of products, envelopes, can disappear without oversight by Electoral officials, that is the USPS sort centers, which have shredders and burners- POOF, gone, up in smoke, not observed, in the chain of the mail processing system.
    I dare anyone to avoid the Occam’s razor inevitability… only one place out of sight, where citizens cannot access, where it requires either a Federal warrant to enter or the Agency Review personnel can gain entrance. Unfortunately the Agency review teams are 2 times a year in the Sort Centers but not in the regular election time period. This means ‘what happens in the Sort Center, remains in he Sort Center’!
    Network Distribution Centers. The United States Postal System currently has 21 NDCs and the sorting is done by machine, computer controlled, zip codes via bar coded. ANYTHING can be sorted out, ANYTHING can be sorted INTO the stream.. by one person…. just one. 2 people can both sort, separate, shred and burn several thousands of ballots per hour. Tah DAHHHH! The mystery of mail in ballots disappearing in the mail system is solved, by the millions. Do you have a alternative? I mean… outside of magical unicorns being involved?
    2018 had a larger than average “Special election’, ballots mailed AFTER the regular election “Balloting’ process, extended into January 2018 first week…. guess what the bi-annual AGENCY review teams found in 6 of 7 Mail Sort Centers found…. bins and bins of Election Ballots being rotated over and over to the ‘the back of the line’… bins sitting, bins of ballots sitting, waiting to be processed. When the Sort Center managers were questions they all, ALL said they did not know a ‘Special election’ was underway, but that these envelopes(all marked as voter ballots) were getting clogged in the system, hence.. separated out. It should be noted that the relative small number of ‘Special Election Ballot Envelopes… compared to regular election cycle envelopes, are THE SAME ENVELOPES… except for bar coding obviously. Same dimensions, same paper, same printing… they were the same envelopes back in the 2017 submissions of Mai-in Ballot Envelopes for the placement of ‘2018 elected’.
    Did the sort centers have a problem sorting ballots in November 2017? Were any people observing the ballot processing in November 2017? No.
    I could go into ‘The Uniparty’ idea, I could go into why 800 billion a year of government spending goes to waste fraud and abuse, I could point out 4 trillion in government spending is decided by the winning political party in a general election…. that’s 4,000 millions of dollars of spending, I could go into why Ex-Mail Sort Center managers have very nice retirements, off shore bank accounts, off shore properties… but that is all for a later time…

    Relevant now is what does the voting system represent, and just how effective is it, and where 20 million ballots have disappeared to.

  5. The Vote is the most central right to our freedom. If the vote is defrauded or impeded in any way the offenders should spend the next 20 years in the worst prison we can find. I would really suggest the death penalty by public hanging but the more squeamish would object. Better we should feed and house these traitors for the rest of their miserable lives. I would take this supposedly hard approach because without the vote being accurate and NOT Fraudulent, civil war would be inevitable. This would cost many lives and that should be placed squarely at the feet of the fraudsters . Essentially they have committed murder!

  6. Obozo has committed TREASON. He did so when he released 5 TERRORISTS he knew would return to the battle field to kill Americans and others. Not only did he know this but he committed a second act of TREASON that being freeing a TRAITOR and DESERTER named Bowe Bergdahl. Bergdahl abandoned his post in the middle of the night and went to a nearby town where he knowingly and willingly called the Taliban and joined them. Obozo refuses to charge him for that TREASON and despite his being ineligible for a promotion due to his desertion Obozo promoted Bergdahl. Obozo votes for the War on TERRORISM and this makes his action TREASON. Obozo also released a man that Trump had to have eliminated. The man was released as part of Obozo’s Iran deal that would have lead to Iran getting Nukes and that is TREASON against All HUMANITY. As for doing things to help Democraps win elections all Democraps have used dirty tricks. Look at Hitlery’s vote count in Detroit. She got more votes than there were voters in 90 plus percent of all precincts in Detroit. So we know they use ILLEGAL votes in an attempt to win. They did so in the Special election in Alabama and the one doing it admitted he was doing so but a Democrapic Judge let the ILLEGAL votes stand.

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