Maxine Waters Attempts to Get Involved…Then Police Put Her Right in Her Place

Liberal Democrat Maxine Waters is just as arrogant as the rest of the DNC. The Democrats have been screaming to defund the police. Police are racist, they must be destroyed. Because you and the media have been so loud and obnoxious about how the police do their job, many now wear body cams. Maxine assumes the police won’t do their job right unless there’s a witness. What she doesn’t understand is being near an incident can be a problem.

Maxine the babysitter

How many millions of dollars go into police training? How old are the youngest rookies? Even the youngest will get hard lessons once they’re on the street. On top of that, due to safety reasons, all police travel in pairs.

In it’s lust for relevance, the Democratic media has created a hostile atmosphere for law enforcement to work in. Men and women who would love a career in this field suddenly find themselves either unable to stay or advance in rank.

Your assistance is not needed, Maxine

The officers threatened her with a ticket. “They say I’m in the wrong place. They’re going to give me a ticket, but that’s okay, as long as I watch them,” the congresswoman said.

In fact, depending on the situation, her presence could be seen as obstruction of justice. This can go for anybody. Maxine is not equipped to be on the police force. If police need help, they call for backup.

Maxine assumes the police can’t or won’t do their job

So, what did you find Maxine? Did the officers pass inspection? Were you upset you found nothing to complain about? In this new spirit of collaboration, can the police show up at the next session of Congress and “help” Maxine do her job?

If Maxine wants to see what the police do, there is a program called “Ride Along” in many cities. A civilian can spend a shift riding in the passenger seat of an emergency vehicle. There are ways to see what police do without risking their lives or yours.

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