ICE: ‘Just Getting Started’

The “ICE” man has illegal aliens shivering in fear. While everyone was distracted by the arson and looting in the streets, Immigration and Custom Enforcement officials have been quietly rounding up illegal aliens for deportation, and they’re just getting started. Between September 28th and October 2nd, they dragged 128 people out of their sanctuary hidey-holes scattered across Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, they announced last week.

ICE targets sanctuary cities

California is so famous for their sanctuary cities that it shouldn’t come as any surprise to be targeted by ICE. “Unfortunately, certain local politicians, including many in California continue to put politics over public safety,” acting Department of Homeland Security secretary, Chad Wolf declares. “Instead of fulfilling our shared mission to protect our communities, they would rather play politics with the law by enacting so-called sanctuary city policies.”

Under “Operation Rise,” ICE agents are fanning out through the barrios to nab illegal aliens who had been “arrested for crimes but were released by state or local law enforcement agencies, despite having active immigration detainers in place.” A detainer is a notice to the jail to have the prisoner picked up by Immigration before release from jail. Sanctuary cities simply ignore them.

These free-range criminals weren’t arrested on Micky-Mouse crimes like jaywalking, the ones recently arrested “have been previously convicted of homicide, sexual assault, and other serious crimes.” As noted by ICE official Tony H. Pham, “Unfortunately, California’s sanctuary laws protect and shield criminal aliens, harboring them in our communities where they can potentially re-offend and re-victimize.” Their mission is to protect “the American people and provide security to our communities.”

Immigrant-sanctuary law

California, one of the most liberal in the nation, is infamous as a sanctuary state. They actually passed an “immigrant-sanctuary law” which limits “cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration agents.” They prefer to protect the criminals from ICE, instead of allowing the agents to protect the public from the criminals.

By law, ICE agents have all the authority they need “to arrest any individuals suspected to be immigration violators,” When local police stab them in the back and refuse to cooperate, their jobs become much more difficult. They have to go into some sketchy and dangerous place to drag out the criminals, when they could simply transfer them from one custody cell to another.

It would be nice to have some local help but our federal agents don’t consider it necessary. “ICE maintains that cooperation with local law enforcement is essential to protecting public safety, and the agency aims to work cooperatively with local jurisdictions to ensure that criminal aliens are not released into U.S. communities to commit additional crimes.” If they won’t help out then Customs and Immigration agents just have to do it the hard way.

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