Biden SICK JOKE… What Was He Thinking?

Joe Biden is an idiot… there, I said it.

Over the last week, almost two dozen people have lost their lives in the Asian community in California via mass shootings.

Yet, for some reason, Joe Biden thought it would be a good time to joke with Asian leaders on the subject.

Oh, Joe

The Lunar New Year reception at the White House took place this week.

The teleprompter was all loaded up for Joe, but he decided to go off the cuff instead.

Biden stated, “It’s a time of renewal and reflection, hope and possibilities — for good over evil, for sharing meals, for celebrating firec — no firecrackers tonight!”

I think he realized what he said and tired to recover, adding,  “Fire — no, I’m serious.

“I was thinking about that, you know.

“If things hadn’t been like they’d been the past couple years, we should have fireworks outside.”

Do us all a favor, Joe, and stick to the script.

Source: New York Post

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