Disaster for Democrats — Especially Joe Biden

The 2020 Iowa caucus turned out to be a total disaster for Democrats. Bernie got burned and Warren got scalped. The biggest surprise of the night was the way Pete Buttigieg bent Biden over. Uncle Joe got the worst of it by ending up at the bottom while Buttigieg came out on top.

Total disaster for Democrats

Now that enough of the Iowa ballots have been counted to declare a clear winner, the Democrats are suddenly avoiding the issue and changing the subject to Super Tuesday.

The day after the votes were cast, officials claimed they couldn’t say who won due to a technical glitch. That comes after a huge scandal leading to the big final poll being tossed in the trash from another glitch.

Looking back, it seems that the Democrats couldn’t believe that the disaster they were seeing was really as bad as it was. They were terrified to tell the public.

Bernie got burned, Warren got scalped, Biden was the biggest loser.

Joe Biden was the biggest loser

For months, Joe Biden assured progressives that the only one who can beat Donald Trump in November is him. Joe promised to “beat him like a drum.” Now he’s limping off to New Hampshire after light-in-the-loafers Pete Buttigieg smacked him silly. “God, it’s good to be in New Hampshire,” Biden sighed, “You have no idea how happy we were to be headed to New Hampshire.”

Only last Friday, Biden was bragging that “there’s a big difference between second and fourth.” Ouch. Bernie and Pocahontas at least got consolation prizes in the form of a proportional number of delegates. Joe didn’t make the minimum “15 percent viability threshold” to win a single delegate.

Joe is hanging on to the hope that the black and Latino voters will ignore his son’s ties to that gas company in the Ukraine. According to his aides, “his support from non-white voters is his campaign’s most important asset.” They “could allow Biden to weather losses in one or two early-voting states with overwhelmingly white electorates.”

Buttigieg choked up over victory

Pete Buttigieg was overwhelmed when the results finally started coming in that showed him solidly in the lead. He never expected validation from folks in rural Iowa, being the “the first top tier gay candidate from a major American political party.” He sees his victory in the first contest of the season as a victory for “LGBTQ youth across the country.”

“This validates the idea that we can have a message, the same message, connect in urban and rural and suburban communities, that we can reach out to Democrats, and to independents, and even to some future former Republicans, ready to bring change to this country,” Buttigieg cheers. The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, was joined on stage by his husband, Chasten Buttigieg. According to CNN, “The two embraced on stage to cheers.”

Buttigieg supporter Annise Parker summed up the victory, “Pete’s strong showing in Iowa represents a revolution in American politics, upending traditional notions of electability and proving America is ready to elect its first openly gay president.” First, he has to beat President Trump. “With defeating Donald Trump top of mind, Iowa voters determined Pete is the best candidate to do it.”

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