5 Videos of BLM and ANTIFA the Mainstream Media REFUSES to Show You

5 Videos of BLM and ANTIFA the Mainstream Media REFUSES to Show You

On Saturday, BLM and ANTIFA were caught in multiple videos viciously attacking conservatives at a peaceful Trump Rally, the Million MAGA March.

The Million MAGA March was held in Washington DC for Trump supporters to vocalize their support for the president challenging the results of the presidential election. President Trump and his allies have been pointing out numerous examples of voting irregularity in the election.

Contrary to what the mainstream media has been announcing, the results of the election have not been certified, and are still in dispute.

As usual, the left can’t tolerate people expressing an opposing viewpoint, so they showed up to viciously attack the Million MAGA marchers. They don’t even seem to care that they are being recorded in multiple videos committing crimes.

These left-wing activists terrorized families:

Andy Ngo, editor of the Post Millennial, shared a video on Twitter of these thugs beating people in the streets:

These activists, who should be designated terrorists, harassed innocent people trying to eat a meal. Some even shot fireworks at them:

More videos were posted of violent assaults:

Brodigan from Louder with Crowder said it best: “You’re going to hear a lot today about the ‘hundreds’ of Trump supporters marching without masks.

The media, if they don’t gloss over the violence, will make it sound like it was both sides. The same media is then going to claim it’s the left calling for unity.

Even though it’s the left who was responsible for most if not all the violence, after THOUSANDS of MAGA patriots peacefully marched. ACTUALLY peacefully marched. Not ‘peacefully’ in a leftist code word for riots and looting way.”

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