Lockheed Martin Teaches Caucasian Employees about their White Privilege

Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in America, reportedly required top employees to attend a program intended to deconstruct their “white male culture” last year. Employees at the company were sent to a program where they were encouraged to associate being white with words like “racist,”  “privileged,” and “guilty.” Attendees included some of the most high ranking executives at Lockheed Martin.

White men told to change their “brand”

The program was run by a group called White Men As Full Diversity Partners, which has also been employed by Coca Cola, NASA, and others major companies to lecture white employees about their guilt and privilege.

True to this background, the teachings of the group reflect a dystopian mix of Marxist anti-white hatred and corporate PR speak.

White men are informed by the programs that they have a collective “brand image” which needs to be improved, as if the group were discussing how to sell a failing product.

Participants are also told that traditionally favorable traits like strong individualism, principled thinking, and a good work ethic are all actually harmful to women and minorities when employed by white males.

Asked to say the first word that sprang to mind when they heard someone say “white men,” several participants replied with “KKK” or “racist.” Others responded with “can’t jump” and “golf.”

Among those who attended were multiple former high ranking Air Force officers who now occupy prominent positions at Lockheed Martin.white

Military-industrial complex spreads CRT

In addition to the other companies pushing these programs on their employees, the United States military is known to be actively promoting anti-white programs and teachings.

Both arms of the military-industrial complex appear to be espousing almost identical beliefs about white guilt and privilege.

President Trump last year issued an executive order which attempted to ban these radical anti-white programs from federal agencies and the military, as well as recipients of federal grants.

Unfortunately, the executive order proved to be completely toothless; these beliefs and ideologies are far too well entrenched in the federal government, military, and major corporations to be rooted out so easily.

President Biden immediately rescinded the order when he took office and the federal government is once again actively promoting these programs.

At Lockheed Martin it seems not a single employee was willing to refuse to attend the program. Not one of these wealthy and powerful white men was unwilling to accept being castigated for his race. Lesser employees will surely be expected to take the same treatment just as tamely.

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