DOJ Hands Trump Administration Massive Win

The unanimous decision of Manhattan’s 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals was hailed as “a major victory for Americans” by the DOJ. President Trump can force “sanctuary” jurisdictions to obey the immigration laws by withholding millions in federal law enforcement funds and there is nothing that whining liberals can do about it.

Justice for the DOJ

The decision by all three members of the appeals court panel on Wednesday was a huge victory for President Donald Trump, the DOJ and the rest of us too. The Justice Department was quick to issue a statement proclaiming a “major victory for Americans.” They’re thrilled that the court is “recognizing Attorney General William Barr’s authority to ensure that grant recipients do not thwart federal law enforcement priorities.”

So called “sanctuary” states and cities that blatantly refuse to cooperate with authorities and obey the law won’t be thumbing their nose at the President any longer. Since they aren’t enforcing the law, they don’t qualify for law enforcement money. Liberal lower courts granted a temporary stay in favor of progressive jurisdictions including the states of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington. The city of New York was also part of the appeals package. At stake was “nearly $26 million of annual grants to the seven states and $4 million to New York City.”


The sanctuary communities were all bent out of shape at the DOJ for insisting that federal immigration officials have full access to the jails, and a heads up notification “when immigrants in the country illegally are being released from custody.” If they won’t allow the feds to do their jobs, they don’t get any funds. It’s possible there will be an appeal to the Supreme Court but even if the liberals do go that route, there is no guarantee the Supremes will consider the case.

In their joint decision, Judge Reena Raggi wrote, the case revolves around “several of the most divisive issues confronting our country” including “immigration policy and law enforcement, illegal immigrants, and the ability of state and local governments to adopt policies the federal government dislikes.” Progressive Manhattan lower court judge Edgardo Ramos was upset that “the administration acted arbitrarily and capriciously in withholding grants without considering the impact on local law enforcement.” Judge Raggi explains where he missed the point. Conditioning the money on obeying the law helps “the federal government enforce national immigration laws and policies supported by successive Democratic and Republican administrations.”

  1. Now this is just a temporary win for Trump Administration. Now the law will win which says that any branch of Government must give sound reasons for withholding money and saying that states do not help immigration is not sound reasoning, mainly because the Federal law says no state has any authority to actin immigration in any way. If you remember the Arizona Sheriff was charged because of just that, doing immigration work, which he was advised that he was violating the law.
    An appeal will be forthcoming and it will go the other way, just like the ruling on the Flynn case, the law will prevail as it does in most cases.

    1. If the law prevailed, as it does in most cases, Obama and the complete pack of corrupt leftists would already be in jail (or possibly deceased) for the crap they threw at President Trump since before he was elected and continuing on to this date. There must be some reason the DoJ has been consistently referred to as the Department of Injustice. Hillary colluded with the Russians and Trump was investigated for that collusion four times, while she skated. By the way, I do remember when Obama sued Arizona for proposing to follow, to the letter, Federal law on immigration and I remember that Arizona lost in the courts. Now, explain to me how declaring your city or state to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants is NOT a state or city usurping Federal authority, and considerably worse than what Arizona did, because at least Arizona proposed to follow Federal laws on the books-nowhere in that law is there anything about offering sanctuary.

  2. about time, granted president trump is new to being a sub politician, but even you can be an auto mechanic if you had the way and training to be one, being a president of the free world, or it used to be, has it’s own unique growing and learning obstructions, one learns day by day. being the president doesn’t omit him or she from learning, obama was just a community activist who just happened to study constitutional law, that’s how he knew what to do to bypass the constitution and congress to do his agenda. it also has been proven he obama was not born in the usa. Being a business man trump knew what had to be done to bring america back to the country we fell in love with either born her or moved here. politicians have no idea of how to make money, spend it or get donations and make hundreds sitting on their ass’s and think they know how to, pelosi’s family was a millionaire before her 33 years in congress, her net worth today has tripled , but she has done nothing for her part of living in a few million dollar home,with walls and security protection, oh yeah don’t forget maxine she has 3. we learn something everyday wheather we know it or not, being a president is the same way. oh in person voting can be done the same way we go grocery shopping or in other places, using the cdc’s guide lines these past 4/5 month’s it can be done, democratic parties fear mongering is why people are afraid, un sactioned mail in voting breads fraude. it has been proven to be so since march or early voting states have found out.

  3. About time some common sense is decided in the law, but this is just the beginning and will be appealed and take years before a decision is actually made. Marine Bob

  4. A country without borders is NO country at all. Nothing wrong with people immigrating to the US. All we demand is to do it legally according to our present immigration laws and regulations. Immigration is what make the USA so diverse from the rest of the world. Legal immigration to the US is not an easy accomplishment. It’s gotten so muddled up with lawyers and money and all of a sudden legal immigration is almost criminal to accomplish. Thanks to lawyers and communist judges who serve our courts. To each and every individual that completes the process, my hat goes off to them. They have accomplished a MAJOR feat.

  5. That’s great, but it isn’t going to change a damn thing socialist dem states and cities do! The fools that run those states and cities could not give a damn less if the people there suffer because of their hate for them!

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