Lindsey Graham is Now Granted the Power to Drop the Hammer on Obama Admins

The Senate Judiciary Committee gave Lindsey Graham broad power to “subpoena former Obama administration officials,” about the Deep State Obamagate roles they played to overthrow President Donald Trump. The committee voted along party lines to allow the to South Carolina republican to drop the hammer on the conspirators.

Subpoena power with sweeping authority

Liberal media outlet Axios is terrified that the committee gave Senator Graham that much power, noting, “Graham now has sweeping authority to subpoena documents and more than 50 individuals related to the Russia investigation, including former FBI director James Comey, former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.”

This comes after the news last week that Ron Johnson and the Senate Homeland Security Committee approved 35 more subpoenas. Johnson is digging deeply into “the FBI’s probe into the Trump campaign and transition officials.”

Graham postponed the vote on his set last week to give a chance for the democrats on his committee to get all their screaming agony on the record. After they legitimately lost the vote, they whined, the “broad authorization removed the minority party’s ability to approve individual subpoenas.” They’re shocked by the “unprecedented” power move and say it’s only “a fishing expedition to help President Trump ahead of the election.”

We’ll do it by ourselves

The democrats would prefer you to accept the weak report handed in by toothless watchdog Michael Horowitz. Graham is focusing like a laser on “errors that Horowitz uncovered” in the FBI’s applications for wiretaps on Carter Page. “I assure you, we’re not going to be deterred, if we have to do it by ourselves, we’ll do it by ourselves. I want to know why all these counterintelligence investigations were opened to begin with.”

The republican senators plan to issue reports before the election which horrifies democrats even more. The Department of Justice is also conducting a criminal probe. U.S. Attorney John Durham has his own subpoena power and a grand jury to drag officials in front of. He’s been doing it too. Everyone is playing it close to the vest because it’s so serious but “Attorney General Bill Barr has signaled” that the investigation “could result in indictments filed before the election.” Another thing that Ron Johnson is looking into is “Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his work for Ukrainian energy company Burisma.” Burisma just got busted trying to bribe the Ukrainian prosecutor to drop their end of that case.

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