The Congressman Who Could Have Stopped the Entire Alvin Bragg Situation

Mara Macie is challenging John Rutherford for the Congressional seat. She went on the attack on Breitbart News on Sirius XM just after Bragg proclaimed Trump guilty on 34 counts. She thought Rutherford talked tough in his statement but did nothing. Macie said he receives federal dollars to operate, being part of the Appropriations Committee. He could have done something about Bragg.


Rutherford partnered with Democrats

Even when Republicans have the majority the behavior doesn’t seem to change. Host Matthew Boyle said,

“Congressman Rutherford is on the Appropriations Committee, meaning that he has the power and the authority to actually do something about this because he controls or has a hand on the wheel at least, how our federal tax dollars are spent. And he hasn’t done anything about it. Nothing at all.”

The $1.2 trillion funding plan was passed with both Rutherford’s and Speaker Mike Johnson’s blessing. The Speaker didn’t help the matter, refusing to defund Jack smith and fully funded the Justice Department.

Macie also brought up Rutherford’s vote for the FISA Act. That vote failed in a 218 tie. She said if she’d been in office, that wouldn’t have gone through.

The Rutherford voting record

Macie said, “That was one vote from failing and if I had been elected to office [in 2022] that would not have gone through. I mean, we really need to take a look at this, who is going to represent the constituents and the American people.”

Support for Trump can be harnessed to take back government. “If we had that same energy behind us, we would be able to take back the whole Congress, and we would be able to make sure these things do happen,”

Macie went further down the road on Rutherford’s voting record and that he doesn’t vote in the conservative direction he was elected to do.

“John Rutherford consistently votes the wrong way. He votes for the continuing resolutions which fund DEI and trans surgeries and travel for abortion for DOD and things like that. I mean, the man is not actually backing conservative values. We need the people to understand that we are all imprisoned by this government right now. And the captors are the people that are currently elected. What we don’t understand is that we hold the keys. We think they hold the keys, we hold the keys, but we have to use them. And we have to be able to put people in office, retake the congressional seats that are being held by the uniparty because that’s the only way we are going to fix this country and get it back to the Constitution. If we don’t follow our constitution, we don’t have the United States of America.”

Rutherford is ok with imprisonment

We hold the key to unleashing America. Tucker Carlson interviewed Trump after the verdict. Trump Jr. was furious that Republicans talked tough but did nothing.

If we elect people to office, we need to demand more from them or vote them out. Boyle spoke about the level in action,

“They say how outraged they are. They write a strongly worded letter, or they issue a strongly worded tweet, and then they don’t do anything. Here’s a man who has the authority to do something. He’s on the Appropriations Committee. They control the purse strings and he hasn’t done anything.”

Macie agreed,

“We should know by now that the politicians are not telling us the truth. But that’s all they have to do to appease their base and say ‘look, I’m mad too’ and the base goes ‘look, we’re all mad.’ No, we actually have to pay attention to what they’re doing in their official capacity as elected people. We have to take back our government ourselves and you’re not going to do it by reelecting these RINOs who really, just it’s political theater.”

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