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The Rush Limbaugh Announcement about Fox News That Made HUGE Waves

More Conservative voices are calling out Fox News for their recent anti-Trump rhetoric. This time it was talkshow host Rush Limbaugh who accused Fox of abandoning their base. Is it time to ditch Fox for a new network?

Rush Limbaugh slams Fox News

Many of us on the Right have noticed a change in Fox News lately. Especially leading up to the election. It seems many at the network have started turning their backs on President Trump. One notable example was Chris Wallace and his bumbling attempt to smear the President as a racist at the second presidential debate.

The Fox News coverage of President Trump has gotten steadily worse leading up to the election and many viewers are jumping ship. Now Rush Limbaugh is speaking out about it to his massive radio audience. On Monday’s show he said, “You do not turn on your base. You do not turn on your audience. You just don’t. You don’t do it for the sake of the approval of your enemies.”

Rush also went on to point out several different instances where Fox News is sliding further and further Left. “We’ve got Donna Brazile all over the place. We’ve got everybody on a talking head interview, half of them or more are New York Times or Washington Post Democrat media people. The Arizona call.

Some even think the Chris Wallace debate is an anti-Trump move. The media has been desperate to blow up talk radio and Fox News. They’ve wanted to blow up Fox News ever since Fox News was founded and created.”

Presidential election still undecided

Rush Limbaugh also bashed the owner of Fox, Rupert Murdoch, accusing him of being another mainstream media anti-Trumper. “It looks like they’re having some success now blowing up Fox.

You’ve got the wife of one of the Murdoch brothers tweeting out: We did it, we did it, we got rid of Trump, we did it. It was Lachlan Murdock’s wife. So it looks like they may be succeeding in turning portions of Fox against its base.”

Weeks after the presidential election and we still don’t have a clear winner. The mainstream media, including Fox News, has called the race for Joe Biden.

However, the election results have not been certified yet. Several lawsuits are still pending as the Trump campaign contests the votes in key battleground states. There is a possibility that President Trump will end up winning a second term.

Regardless, one thing is for certain. Mainstream media is dead. Conservatives are moving to alternative media to get fair and balanced news instead of a constant stream of unhinged Left-wing propaganda.

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