GOP Wants Them FIRED

Since when is anybody allowed to stay at a job under suspicion of theft? Republicans want non binary Sam Brinton fired for stealing a lady’s suitcase at a Minneapolis airport. Brinton is a nuclear engineer who might be the first non binary, gender fluid person working in the federal government. He was arrested for taking a lady’s suitcase and using it for a month before he claimed it was taken by accident.

If there’s theft there’s no trust

Several members of the GOP wrote a letter,

“As an appointed official, Sam Brinton represents both your Department and the United States. It is simply not possible for an individual to represent American values and simultaneously violate the felony laws of the land. Brinton’s actions, along with your Department’s lack of transparency when dealing with this matter, reflect poorly on the Department of Energy.”

A total of 16 Republicans signed the letter. Brinton is currently on leave from duty and has been shortly after being arrested for the theft.

Felony theft

It’s a felony that carries a punishment of up to five years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both. The letter encouraged action by December 20.

It concluded with, “Therefore, we demand the resignation of Sam Brinton, and we implore you to set aside petty politics and appoint only the most qualified and dedicated individuals to influence America’s energy sector.” The Minneapolis St. Paul airport authorities confirmed there’s an ongoing investigation.

Suitcase theft

Brinton left the airport in an Uber September 16. He checked into the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront with the suitcase. Two days later he returned to the same airport and flew to Washington DC with the suitcase.

The rightful owner filed with the police that her suitcase was missing and listed the value at $2,325. Police confronted him about a month later, at which time he denied any wrong doing. Later he claimed the suitcase was taken by accident.

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