These Patriots Stepped in to Teach ANTIFA a Lesson After They Attacked a Disabled Veteran Carrying an American Flag

ICYMI – ANTIFA are bullies and cowards. They deliberately attack those that can’t or won’t defend themselves. It’s all about intimidation. Just like a thug, they’ll hit where they can. But cowards will run in the face of those that have a defense. An ANTIFA calculation was off when they chose to attack a disabled veteran in a pro police rally and a child’s birthday party in Fort Collins, CO. Americans who believe in police won’t take kindly to a scumbag like that.

ANTIFA strategy calculated wrong

ANTIFA attacked a disabled veteran at a pro police rally in Fort Collins, CO. Pro police people stated several times that there was a child’s birthday party in the area that these scoundrels had disturbed. Leave kids alone you cowards, come deal with somebody your own size!

The person who recorded the video said, “So, we are currently marching the Antifa commie bas****s out of the neighborhood because nobody wants Antifa in the neighborhood. Nobody wants them here, so we’re marching them out.”

ANTIFA told to leave in no uncertain terms

The residents outnumbered ANTIFA. “You guys came to the wrong the city, boys and girls,” the person who recorded the video got on a bullhorn.

It was equally important that just the fists be used, to leave firearms out of this. “Everybody keep your hands off your weapons,” somebody else yelled. “Keep punching each other in the face, just don’t shoot anybody.”

Thankfully there are still some police

That haven’t been defunded. Some of ANTIFA actually started in on the police and got themselves arrested.

A spokesperson for the Fort Collins Police services said, “We respect everyone’s right to peacefully assemble to voice their concerns. For the safety of our community, acts of violence, destruction of property, and other unlawful behavior will not be tolerated.”

The end of the video shows a hat left behind. One of the pro police people even get to bring home a “scalp”.

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