Pelosi SHOCK Confession… HORRIFYING

The trial of David DePape continued this week, with DePape finally taking the stand in his own defense.

According to DePape, Paul Pelosi was never his target.

He professed remorse, then offered more insight to his disturbing mind.


DePape broke into the Pelosi home with the intention of interrogating Nancy Pelosi on camera.

He further stated that he intended to do so while dressing in a unicorn costume.

On injuring Paul Pelosi, he stated, “He was never my target, and I’m sorry that he got hurt.”

DePape had fallen down the rabbit hole of conspiracy websites, claiming that he was once a liberal but had moved right of center after reading all those posts.

He added, “At that time, I was biased against [former President Donald] Trump, but there’s, like, truth there.

“So, if there’s truth out there that I don’t know, I want to know it.”

That is what led him to Nancy Pelosi, who he wanted to interrogate about political corruption and assaults against children by politicians and Hollywood stars.

DePape has pleaded not guilty to attempted kidnapping of a federal official and assault upon an immediate family member of a federal official.

He is also facing several state charges.

Source: Washington Examiner

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