Fake Vaxx Card Holders Beware, This Could Happen to YOU

There is a growing industry emerging to support the trade of fake vaccine cards and some of those involved are facing real consequences after being caught. Vaccination cards are being sold online to individuals who wish to present them as proof of vaccination. In many of these cases the cards are proving to clearly be far more trouble than they could ever be worth to the people hoping to buy or sell them.

Fines for fake vaccination cards

A Florida couple was arrested in Hawaii in August for showing forged vaccination cards for themselves and their young children to an airport Covid screener.

The screener quickly discovered the ruse upon seeing that the parents had written incorrect ages for their children on the cards. The children were, the screener immediately noted, far too young to have been given any of the approved vaccines.

Had they done their research, the parents would have known this, as well as the fact that proof of vaccination is not actually needed to enter the state of Hawaii.

Visitors to the state are free to instead present a negative Covid test taken within the last 72 hours before traveling.

Vaccine hysteria apparently led the family to forge documents they did not actually need for their recreational trip to Hawaii. In doing so they committed an actual crime.

Presenting a fake vaccination card in Hawaii can result in a fine of up to $5,000 or a year in prison. It is also considered an illegal use of a government agency’s seal.

A budding illegal industry

On the other side of the market, a pharmacist in Chicago was caught attempting to cash in on the demand for vaccination cards by stealing them and selling them online earlier this year.

This involved stealing government property and pharmacist Tangtang Zhao has been indicted on 12 counts of this crime.

Zhao, who sold the cards for $10 each in an attempt to make some easy money, now faces years in prison. Cards have been sold elsewhere for hundreds of dollars.

Three Vermont state troopers are under investigation this week for allegedly running a scheme to produce fake vaccination cards, presumably intending to sell them.

With so many of these cards being produced and distributed by the government it has not been difficult for an illicit trade in them to appear as they make their way into unintended hands.

Some of the individuals taking part in this new trade may be completely unaware of the serious consequences they could face if they are caught.

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