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White House Refuses to Provide Info

Despite assurances from the White House that the Biden Administration would be exceptionally open and transparent, Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that there would not be any publicly released information about who Biden meets with during his trips to Delaware. Promises of transparency were frequent during the campaign, though since taking office Biden has frustrated even liberal reporters with his administration’s frequent disregard for their wishes.

Psaki refuses to answer questions

One of the consequences of the Biden Administration knowing that the media is thoroughly on their side is the fact that the White House feels no particular pressure to actually be transparent.

The administration knows that support from the mainstream media will hardly waver if reporters are denied certain information which they would prefer to have access to.

There is no real danger of CNN or The New York Times deserting to the opposition. Tepid criticism which can be safely ignored has been the only response from most of the media.

The Biden Administration has received limited criticism from liberal sources who complain that transparency has not changed significantly compared to the Trump Administration.

Particular criticism has focused on the COVID-19 as it relates to White House functions; information has previously not been released regarding staff who have been infected.

Reporters will not know anything about individuals who might be infected and meeting with the president during his stays in Delaware.

White House lacking transparency

The White House has not been eager about giving out much information about or access to President Biden, even to friendly reporters and journalists.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki has previously acknowledged that staff prefer to not let the president speak publicly without their prior approval, something which Biden himself has confirmed.

The extent to which Biden himself is actively playing a role in day to day business is somewhat obscure, though the balance of power in the White House seems to be firmly in favor of influential staffers and aides.

These individuals have, like the Hunter Biden art controversy, raised questions about ethics in the White House. A number of high ranking officials have secured lucrative posts for friends and relatives.

Some of these concerns have been addressed even by former Obama Administration officials, who see an abnormally high amount of nepotism in the Biden Administration.

While the refusal to provide information about who will meet Biden during his time in Delaware is not necessarily a major controversy, it is one more example of the lack of transparency which many reporters are quietly becoming frustrated with.

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