Eyewitness Saw Playboy Molest Child Poolside

Jeffrey Epstein’s victims just got a huge break in their case. One of Epstein’s employees broke his non-disclosure agreement with an eyewitness interview to the Sun. The phone and computer technician got an eyeful one morning when he watched playboy Prince Andrew groping 17-year-old Virginia Roberts by the pool. Another crack in the case is a royal bodyguard who’s testimony shatters the Duke of York’s alibi for the night he allegedly spent with Roberts in London.

An eyewitness to ‘royal’ child molestation

The guy who was in charge of keeping Jeffrey Epstein’s phone and internet service running smoothly on Little St. James Island never expected to see Prince Andrew groping a young blonde girl in a bikini by the pool. 70-year-old Steve Scully was even more surprised by how young the girl seemed to be. That didn’t stop the eyewitness from watching the show from the shadows for a few minutes before wandering over to say hi.

He told reporters for the Sun that he worked for Epstein as “a phone and internet specialist between 1999 and 2006.” He was called out to the island to fix a phone jack. As he approached the pool he saw the Prince, “grabbing her a** and stuff like that. They were kissing. He was grinding against her and groping her.” When he first walked up, they were “lying on lounge chairs by the pool.” Then, they stood up, in between the chairs. “She wasn’t resisting in any manner whatsoever.” Andrew had a look of “excitement” on his face. “They were bumping and grinding and fooling around for five, six, seven minutes and they then laid back down on the lounge chairs and continued.”

After the peep-show was over, Scully let them know he was there, introducing himself as the couple held hands. “I said, ‘Your Highness,’ and he said, ‘No, it’s Andrew.'” They had a brief conversation. “I said, ‘I’m sorry, I really didn’t know how to address you.'” What struck him the most at the time was the girl’s age. “It struck me as how young the girl was, because she stood like a kid would stand behind a parent. They walked off together and I went the other way. I thought she looked particularly young. It bothered me. I thought that it wasn’t appropriate.”


Royalty Protection Officer rats on Andrew’s alibi

A retired royal bodyguard is turning up the heat on Scotland Yard with a freedom of information request for his own personal schedule from the night he accompanied Prince Andrew to the disco. He also claims to be an eyewitness to the Prince’s illicit mischief. It’s the same night that Virginia Roberts alleges she had sex with the Prince in London. Prince Andrew swears up and down that he took his daughter Beatrice for pizza that night, and was no where near Ms. Roberts.

According to the anonymous guard, on the night in question, “the Duke of York returned to Buckingham Palace in the early hours.” When he learned he was locked out of the castle, he started swearing at the palace guards. “Open these bloody gates, you buffoons.” Officer X insists that his “rota,” or assignment sheet, will prove the Prince was at the Tramp nightclub in London. Roberts says Andrew danced with her all night before they eventually had sex.

It wasn’t unusual for stray women to show up at the palace unexpectedly, looking for Prince Andrew. One of his regular callers was Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s personal assistant. Maxwell and Epstein have been described as “two pedophiles in a pod” because they were so closely intertwined. Scotland Yard’s Royalty Protection Command acknowledges they will think about releasing the records. “The ex-officer is entitled to submit his subject access request which will be then be considered.”

Meanwhile, lawyers for the victims went on the offensive by sending an American school bus over to the U.K. and parking it right in front of Buckingham Palace. On the side is a huge sign pressuring Andrew to talk to the FBI.

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