Australian Model Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Cocaine Inside Her….

Aspiring Australian model and OnlyFans creator Grace Athanatos was caught at a Sydney music festival attempting to insert cocaine in a knotted condom inside her private parts.

Sniffer dogs caught the 24-year-old attempting to smuggle in 5.6 g of cocaine into the Marlo Music Festival at Sydney Olympic Park.

Known by her fans as Grace Evelyn, the Port Melbourne-based model confessed to police that she had hidden the drug in a condom in her vagina.

The incident occurred on May 14, just as Evelyn was in a queue to enter the festival gate.

Thankfully the model avoided a criminal conviction.

More details of this story from The New Zealand Herald reports:

A 24-year-old Australian model has thanked her legal team after she avoided a criminal conviction for attempting to carry a condom filled with 5.6g of cocaine into a Sydney concert.

Student and Only Fans creator Grace Athanatos was caught by drug-detection dogs at a DJ MaRLo concert at Sydney Olympic Park on May 14.

Police found a knotted condom inside the Melbourne woman’s vagina via a private room strip search. She was then charged with supplying drugs (less than a commercial quantity).

While her Instagram is normally filled with glamorous outfit shots, and photos of her dining out at high end restaurants, Athanatos had a slight change of tone this week, when she thanked her legal team for her result in court.

“HUGE shout out to my saviour @ahmeddob and his team at @dibassociateslawyers for helping me today,” she shared to her 9000-plus followers.

“Honestly such an amazing result and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. Highly recommend seeing them if you’re ever naughty or find yourself in trouble like me.”

Appearing at Burwood Local Court on Monday, Athanatos avoided a formal conviction and was given a 12-month conditional behaviour bond. She was represented by criminal lawyer Ahmed Dib from the Kogarah-based Dib & Associates Lawyers.

Athanatos gave a “HUGE shoutout” to her attorneys.

As expected, the story is now going viral online.

She ended up receiving a light sentence.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, New Zealand Herald


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