Veteran Found Dead After Missing for a Month… Where He Was Found Sparked Suspicions

Yet another veteran has died needlessly inside a VA facility. The local police could have prevented it but they didn’t have a clue. The month-long search for a 62-year-old vet missing from a Bedford, Massachusetts, housing community ended. While nobody thinks foul play was involved, the circumstances of his death spark serious suspicions about the competency of both the administration and the police.

Missing veteran discovered too late

A body was discovered by a resident in an emergency exit stairwell on the campus of Caritas Communities, described by The Hill as “a nonprofit organization that works to prevent homelessness by providing housing to low-income individuals.” This particular facility only provides services to formerly homeless veterans.

The name of the veteran hasn’t been released but he was last seen a month earlier, on May 8. Nobody at the facility noticed he wasn’t around until May 13. That’s when they called the VA officials to let them know they had a missing patient. If they bothered to look for him, they didn’t look very hard.

They called the police the next day and it seems that they didn’t look very hard either. We know now that he wasn’t trying to evade detection and would have loved an assist from someone. At the very least, he would have been discovered sooner.

No foul play

Nobody is sure yet what the cause of death was but the veteran “was found wearing the same clothes from May 8.” The district attorney promises an investigation. The rough draft of the Chief Medical Examiner “suggested there was no foul play.”

He might not have been shot or stabbed but many Americans feel that the way he was ignored was foul. The Veteran’s Administration isn’t supposed to play that way. They’re trying to shift the focus from why nobody bothered to take a walk around the property to look for the man.

The coverage from The Hill suggests that the veteran wasn’t supposed to be using the stairwell as if that excuses the failure to search them. “Residents said that parts of the complex had been blocked off for months to prevent the spread of the coronavirus,” they write while crediting WBZ-TV for the quote.

The VA is refusing to accept any blame, insisting that “the man who died was a non-VA resident and was found in a stairwell owned by a private company.” Wrong. In order to live in that particular facility you have to be a veteran. The “private company,” Caritas, swears up and down that the stairwell is “solely controlled by the VA.”

  1. Truly sad that his noble life had to end in this manner. I pray they, at least, honor him with a military funeral and burial.

  2. I’ve worked in many a large building and there are very few stairs that don’t get used and don’t have to be checked because they are used, all stairs are used even if it’s one person a day or a week. Are they sure the body was in that stairwell all that time which I doubt or was put there after those searching disappeared. An autopsy needs to be done, that’s for sure. If the guy wasn’t a vetean why would he be in the building anyway, that seems like a clue to something happened to a man who wasn’t supposed to be there by someone else who wasn’t suppose to be in the building. Maybe the guy was visiting someone. Why were the people in the building looking for him in the first place if he wasn’t supposed to be there as a Veteran. Fishy, maybe, sounds fishy for sure.

  3. Vets seem to not matter. Our nation should feel a deep shame that we treat our men and women who put their lives on the line like they are trash to be used then tossed aside or as the terrorist and liberals are doing to our police making them walking targets. Shame on us all for allowing these kinds of thing to happen.

  4. If society can cheapen lives of seniors as they have the unborn with Planned Parenthood, then we’ll know that totalitarianism isn’t too far in the future.

  5. The FREE,..,..FREE….FREE citizens of the US should take note. Those rioters and protesters feel they aren’t FREE FREE FREE enough so they are razing hell to get someone to NOT NOT NOT do a thing. i.e. Anyone of ANY authority, ( see law enforcement and military personnel being treated like 3rd class citizens) . Trust when it is said, without laws and protection, chaos ensues. Further consider this. If you are a member of the rioters and protesters, your bosses have a mind of their own and if you think your deeds will automatically entitle you to SPECIAL DISPENSATIONS from your bosses. Your unqualified deeds for your bosses, will be much appreciated when they tell you to get lost after YOU HAVE ACHIEVE their goals FOR THEM. You are expendable, because you will go THE SAME WAY as those you have deposed. WAKE THEM UP


  7. VA benefits union employees, NOT veterans. Disabled and elderly veterans should simply have Medicare and VA pick up deductible. Would save money and lives.

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