News Anchor FIRED After Going Off Script on Live TV, Listen to What He Said…

Following the sudden exit of co-host Lynette Romero, news anchor Mark Mester was fired by KTLA after he went off script for over 4 minutes and criticized the station. 

This incident came just one week after Mester was suspected by management for showing support for his colleague Romero.

Romero, Mester’s long-time cohost and close friend, suddenly and unexpectedly left the station, with no opportunity to say goodbye to viewers. 

According to sources, Romero made the decision to work at a different local station. 

Apparently viewers expressed criticism over KTLA’s handling of Romero’s abrupt exit, which included Mester during his unscripted monologue on live television. 

Mester could be heard saying that the network’s handling of his cohost’s departure “was rude, it was cruel, it was inappropriate, and we are so sorry,” to the viewers. “You did not deserve this, it was a mistake, and we hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive us.”

Prior to the broadcast, Mester had posted on his social media to let his followers know that he planned to share some words about Romero. 

The clip has gone viral and can be seen here: Instagram/Video

KTLA fired Mester shortly after the broadcast, which drew the outrage of many viewers who took to social media to express their thoughts and feelings.

@KTLA now Mark Mester? Really? Is your station going down the shit hole? What you did was wrong about Lynette, I 1000% agree with Mark! You should be apologizing now! #MarkMester”

“I’ve been a loyal fan of @KTLA since I was a kid, but today not so much. So impressed by @mester_mark for standing up for what’s right. @LynetteRomero has been treated bad for years by the top brass. The suits in charge need to do some serious self reflection. #freemester#ktla

@KTLAWeekendAM why did you take down @mester_mark ‘s tribute to @LynetteRomero ? What are you afraid of? She deserved better. Let us know where you are going Lynette and we’ll follow! Thank you from a previously loyal KTLA viewer.”

“No longer watching @KTLAWeekendAM I hope Mark Mester moves on to better opportunities..Lynette and Mark deserved better. “



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