Harris Just Received an Unexpected Home Delivery…Take a LOOK

Kamala Harris got a special delivery at her home, direct from her safe and secure border. Two busloads of migrants were dropped off on the front yard at Washington’s Naval Observatory, her official residence. It wasn’t many, somewhere between 75 and 100. Nobody is saying how many of them are infected with what. At least, none of these were wearing ghillie suits. Eagle Pass, Texas has more than their fair share, so they’re sending the overflow to sanctuary paradise destinations. Martha’s Vineyard has just been added to the list.

Kamala stays silent

Kamala Harris is the only one who isn’t blabbering all over the place about the migrants dropped off in her front yard. She’s been strangely silent. It’s really hard to ignore the evidence of an insecure border when it sits on your lawn and has lunch but she’s a professional.

Official reports say between 75 and 100 of them came up from Texas but social media gives higher numbers. The observatory tour group “includes migrants from Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico.

When reporters asked these invading interlopers straight out, “multiple migrants, asked by Fox News Digital, said they think the border is open, contrary to what Harris said Sunday during an interview.” Liar! Kamala is just a damn liar.

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser and New York City Mayor Eric Adams are totally convinced that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is the root cause of the crisis. They get a few thousand invaders and it collapses their social systems. Meanwhile back at the ranch in Texas, they get thousands every week and its ramping up to soon become thousands every hour.

When Donald Trump’s Title 42 sinks into the sunset of legal history, officials are admitting they expect around 18,000 a day. Every day. Nobody has any idea how many days. In other words, Kamala declares, “let the invasion begin.

Bowser turned her crisis into a cash cow by opening up an “Office of Migrant Services.” They will act as a hotel, commissary and travel service “providing temporary accommodations, urgent medical needs, transportation” and other services.

No help from Joe Biden

One of the things which really has the sanctuary progressives cheesed off is “the federal government has not stepped up to assist the District of Columbia.” Or any of the others. Kamala is supposed to be in charge of it. When Bowser tried to call in the National Guard they told her to give Bill Gates a jingle and whine in his ear for a while.

All the Democrats can do in response to the crisis they themselves created, is point the finger at Abbott. He’s pointing it right back at them. “Abbott argues that border towns in Texas are overwhelmed, and those in power in the liberal-run cities should face the realities of the border crisis.

He knows it’s not right to overwhelm any one particular sanctuary when there are so many choices available. That’s why, along with Kamala Harris’ house, migrants are now being routed to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Florida actually donated those migrants but Texas and Arizona are sure to follow suit.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was gracious enough to fly them up on Wednesday. “Yes, Florida can confirm the two planes with illegal immigrants that arrived in Martha’s Vineyard today were part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations.” So stick it.

States like Massachusetts, New York, and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country’ by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’ and support for the Biden Administration’s open border policies,” communications director, Taryn Fenske explains.

Even with Venezuelans crouched in her bushes, Kamala continues to insist her border is secure. That’s why she talked deep pocket progressive companies into rebuilding Central America.

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