After Months of Tyranny, Democrat House of Cards About to Come Tumbling Down

The Democrats see COVID as an excuse to control. You can only control American behavior to a point. Democrat Governor Whitmer has repeatedly ignored court orders limiting her ability to shutdown. Nobody is above the law.

You’d think Democrats wouldn’t want to crash their own economy…unless they were getting money from other sources. Grab that money while you can!

Another Democrat attacking the economy

Fattening her bank account while she can. And it’s not just her. Not surprisingly, there’s more going on here than what meets the eye. But the tyranny involved in a power grab in the United States will only last so long.

State Rep. Matt Murdock, a solid conservative Republican, is filing paperwork in the Michigan House to begin impeachment proceedings on the governor. She actually told family members not to hug each other on Thanksgiving!  The Democrat can’t be this ridiculous.

You can’t live in fear

State Rep. Matt Maddock remarked, “Something had to be done. She’s ruining this great state. Small businesses and most dine-in restaurants will be dead by the end of the year. She’s caused the deaths of many vulnerable elderly people who died alone, scared, and pointlessly. This was long overdue,”

The Democrat states may be getting kickbacks from another source. It might not matter to elected officials if the state crashes. But it will matter to those that lose everything without any income.

More than one Democrat is going to be exposed

The Trump legal team is collecting evidence of kickbacks Democrats received for deliberately using a system they knew would rig the election. Trump has been successful enough in draining the swamp that he’s threatening many cheating officials.

The Democrat governor lashed out over the impeachment filing. “I think it’s really outrageous that they’re still trying to politicize this virus and the actions that I’ve taken are commiserate with actions taken by other governors.

The governors that have seen the virus go down. You want Michigan to look like Florida that has more cases daily than the European Union total? We would drop all of of guard, drop all of these actions that we’ve taken.

The fact of the matter is what we have done has worked. It has been absolutely necessary to save lives. Studies have shown that we’ve saved tens of thousands of lives.

All of these political attacks on my power, all of these political attacks on the power of the executive office are incredibly dangerous, and of course I’m going to continue to do what I have done and make decisions around science and saving lives.”

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