Insider Report: This Crash Was NOT An Accident!

ICYMI – There’s a really good chance that the crash involving two Black Hawk helicopters at a Georgia airfield wasn’t an accident. The Army is now investigating to find out if medevac pilot Captain James Bellew carried out the act “intentionally.”

Dead at the crash site

The 26-year-old captain won’t be facing harsh interrogation for what he did. The good news is that he’s the only one who died in the crash. Everyone else on both Black Hawk crews came out of it without significant injury.

The HH-60 choppers had to be scrapped though, making it a costly suicide. It happened around 2 a.m., at Wright Army Airfield, “a dual use airport between Fort Stewart and the City of Hinesville in Georgia.

Captain Bellew was on medevac duty and the “only crew member involved in the incident.” He was also the only one injured or killed, “found dead the next morning at the site of the crash.”

According to Colonel Lindsey Elder, a spokesperson for the 3rd Infantry Division, “all of the other crew members were asleep at the time of the crash.” There’s no explanation for why they didn’t wake up.

One insider leaked to the press that this crash was “not an accident” but they’re still trying to figure out a few things.

Things like “how he was able to start at least one of the helicopters without waking the crew or otherwise alert those who may have been at the field, like emergency medical services personnel or air traffic control staff.”

Criminal Investigation Division

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Division has taken charge of the probe, Elder confirms, with assistance from “a safety investigation team from the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center.”

When the CID steps in, that means “criminal involvement.” Army regulations put the Combat Readiness Center in charge of routine crash investigations.

The Army Times verifies that the brass would only defer to the CID “if the incident in question were believed to be the result of a criminal act.” The internet has been speculating wildly about the crash because it’s been way too obvious that “the aircraft were intentionally destroyed.”

Col. Elder knows he’s hedging details at this point, because “we cannot address the manner of the damage to the two aircraft, timeline of events, or the response from the tower and emergency services, as those details are still considered part of the active investigation.”

All that’s really known, so far, is that Bellew is from Charlottesville, Virginia. He “entered the Army in 2017 through the University of Virginia’s ROTC program, and completed a tour in South Korea as a medical service officer before being selected for the medevac pilot program in 2019.” Ever since March 2020, he served as a platoon leader in his company, stationed at Fort Stewart.

Public information indicates that among his daily duties “were moving critically ill COVID patients to off-post medical facilities.” What really surprises everyone about the crash is that while serving, “Bellew received an Army Achievement Medal, the Expert Field Medical Badge and the Army Aviator Badge, in addition to other service awards and ribbons.”

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