Dozens of Lawmakers Step up BIGLY

Dozens of loyal Republican lawmakers stepped up to a great extent, on a large scale, to question the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential election. That happens to be the definition of the word “bigly.”

Loyal lawmakers in South Carolina

A total of 30 South Carolina House members, all Republican, signed a letter which was sent over to Attorney General William Barr, “expressing their concern and questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential Election.”

These lawmakers have ample reasons for their concerns and are thanking the AG for building a fire under federal prosecutors to go after “substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections nationwide.” An awful lot is at stake.

Election officials from coast-to-coast are denying all the allegations of election fraud without batting an eye no matter how serious or well documented the individual claims are. The media is fully complicit in the scheme to steal the election.

For instance, CBS wants you to believe that “Barr offered no evidence of fraud stemming from last week’s election.” They say it like they have the final word on the subject, even though the investigation hasn’t even started yet.

They act like Barr has to have the proof before he can investigate the crime when it works the other way around. You investigate the alleged crime and when you find proof, people are supposed to go to jail for it. If we actually had any laws, that is. Lawmakers can make all the regulations they want but we still have looting and arson in the streets.

The letter from Republican lawmakers leaked to the press on Monday states, “Without the utmost confidence that the process was legitimate, it is difficult for Americans to accept the outcome.” That is putting it rather mildly. Going into the weekend, a “million MAGA march” and rallies to “stop the steal” are scheduled in our Nation’s capital. Extreme fringe members of groups on both sides are expected to attend. Americans are watching closely to see if it explodes into violence.

The outcome could change

One of the lawmakers who signed off on the letter to William Barr is Representative Lin Bennett who watches over Dorchester and Charleston Counties. She believes Trump won.

“If there were problems, we want them corrected.” That’s why an investigation is needed. “I don’t know that an outcome will change as a result of this investigation, I do think the outcome could change as a result of the Supreme Court ruling.”

Representative Stewart Jones agrees with the other Republican lawmakers. “Whatever happens I want to be clear it’s not a Trump or Biden issue. At the end of the day it’s an issue of honesty and who won the election and that’s what we really want to know.”

Democrats on the other hand are horrified at putting the election under a microscope, even with dozens of election fraud allegations. According to Democrat JA Moore, “Just because you lose doesn’t mean that something went wrong.

My grandma always told me, you change your message and work harder the next time.” Unless the other kid cheated. The schoolyard has other policies for that which are no longer considered “appropriate,” but they happen anyway.

Everyone opposed to looking into the fraud allegations keep trying to put it backwards. As if the cops need a smoking gun before they can do a welfare check on a missing person.

“there’s no proof of widespread election fraud.” They all scream. The Republican lawmakers want an investigation to find out if there was or not. After the investigation, everyone will know for sure. That’s precisely what Democrats are so terrified of.

  1. If they continue to CHEAT then we need to CLEAN out WDC… and if that means a WAR then so be it… STEP UP AMERICANS.. these criminal dems are cheating us out of OUR RIGHTS! WAKE UP… and ban together. Form Neighborhood militias so IF these marxists/commies think they can come into our states, we will be ready for them. We might have to secede from the union.

  2. WHY ARE YOU DECIDING TO SQUASH MY FREE SPEECH????????????? If this is the case I will NOT enter your comment site again and I will tell everyone that you are no different than the people YOU say you are fighting against. COMMUNISTS… 101.

  3. 345 million people (adults, children) in USA
    152 million just voted 73 mill…P.Trump, 78 mill…bideb)
    192 mill did not vote ( includes all children, illegals?, people who didn’t vote.)
    So they are trying to make us believe that half of the US voted and we have more adults than children in the US?? Bull.

  4. Those who pray, ask God to open the truth of this election and provide a truthful answer. Those who did vote need to know the truth. That includes Republicans and the Democrats. If we never find out, what will happen to the US?

  5. EXCEPT…….. good old swamp dweller Durham. He’s dropping his investigation so as not to piss off sleepy joe? No, Durham is doing exactly what I said he would do oh so long ago. Durham has done nothing except cover for all of these TRAITORS to the US. He was never going to indict any of them!!!!!

  6. I had never heard of Durham so had nothing to judge him on. It appears that he has no plans to complete the assignment and produce some indictments. If he will investigate Smartmatic and Dominion and truthfully report on what he finds We can change our minds, hopefully.

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