Horrifying Stories Revealed Out Of Taliban Held Areas

Where are the feminists and members of the #MeToo movement? They should be screaming the loudest against forced marriage. Are American bullies backing down against firearms and ancient traditions of the Taliban? Bullies are cowards after all. It’s also politically incorrect to go against your Democrat president who let this happen. He was told it would happen and did nothing.

The Taliban

Is just playing the same game Facebook and the Democrats do. Say one thing and do another so American feminists should actually be comfortable with that. A spokesman said they “Didn’t want the women to be victims”.

Forced marriages and child rape are in order now. A senior Taliban member ordered that ladies over age 15 and under 40 needed to be married to the fighters.

Choosing life

In the hopes that she might live, one father was told he needed to hand over his 15 year old daughter. He himself fled. You might ask why he didn’t fight it. If he refused they might both wind up dead.

Ladies would rather die than face the possibility of being married to a member of the Taliban. Diyana Sharifi is a 21 year old law student that ran away from home for that reason. “It was fear, it was helplessness, it was anger,” she said.

Fathers telling their daughters and wives to flee

Khaleda Yolchi is 23. Her dad told her to run. She also got engaged, hoping that would keep her from a forced marriage. Yolchi explained, “We were so afraid. They had guns with them, and their faces were so scary, with long beards and long hair.”

Ladies can’t work or get an education. When the Taliban took Kandahar ladies were escorted home and told their male relatives had to take their place. Noor Khatera, 43, worked at a local bank. “It’s really strange to not be allowed to get to work, but now this is what it is.”

Taliban double speak

You’re being offered positions in government provided you abide by Sharia Law. Enamullah Samangani is a member of the Taliban cultural commission. “The Islamic Emirate doesn’t want women to be victims. They should be in the government structure according to Shariah law.” They’re trying to look like they aren’t as brutal. The Taliban understand to negotiate in a position of power. Details are being hammered out with the fallen Afghani government.

A journalist and Afghan native was in tears begging NATO to not recognize the Taliban due to their oppressive treatment of the ladies. Lailuma Sadid cried, “Twenty years with NATO and the international communities inside Afghanistan and then we are going back again 20 years.

I would like to ask how is that possible?”

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