Biden Admin Shocking Message to Americans

The Biden Administration has admitted to Americans trapped in Afghanistan that it cannot ensure their safety. Support from the government has been extremely inconsistent and unreliable for American citizens trapped in the country by the rapid Taliban advance, something which the United States was completely unprepared to cope with. The American Embassy in Kabul has already been abandoned and there is no NATO military presence beyond Hamid Karzai International Airport.

U.S. unable to help trapped Americans

Americans who have had difficulty in contacting authorities to find information about how they are to be extracted from the country received the blunt message from the government yesterday.

Citizens are told that they should begin to make their way to the airport, where they will hopefully be placed on one of the evacuation flights.

There are no instructions provided for how they are to get to the airport and the brief message concludes by informing recipients that “THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR SECURITY AS YOU MAKE THIS TRIP.”

Unfortunately, the Biden Administration is being honest with that admission; having failed completely to plan for this situation in advance there is nothing that the United States can physically do to protect citizens in Kabul.

The administration has been somewhat vague about what they plan to do to ensure that no Americans are left behind in Afghanistan; there seems to be no possible way to directly help people who are not able to make it to the airport on their own.

NATO troops have struggled to ensure the security of even the airport, which has at times devolved into chaos, with a number of civilian deaths already reported.

Taliban allows evacuation to continue

Fortunately for Americans still trapped in Afghanistan, the Taliban itself has promised that foreign nationals will not be harmed as they attempt to leave the country.

The same promise has been extended to foreigners working in the country and to the embassies located in Kabul; there are reportedly still thousands of foreign nationals who are dependent on these promises.

So far the Taliban appears to be keeping their word. The militants have not carried out any organized attacks against foreigners and they are still permitting them to cross through their lines and enter the airport.

If the new rulers of Afghanistan had any intention of interfering with the NATO evacuation it would have been easy for them to create a bloodbath out of the mayhem at the airport.

Instead, the Taliban seems to be just as eager to see the Americans leave as the United States is to extract itself from the debacle.

For the citizens still stuck in Afghanistan this is the only piece of good news to be found currently. There will certainly be little help coming from the Biden Administration.

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