Trey Gowdy Admits He Made a Mistake With FBI

Former South Carolina lawmaker Trey Gowdy admits that he made a huge mistake by “relying on the word” of FBI and DOJ agents about the Russia probe. He expected our law enforcement officials to be honest and truthful. Instead they’re nothing but a pack of liars.

Believing the FBI was a big mistake

Conservative Trey Gowdy promises not to make the same error in the future. He took so much heat from fellow Republicans he feels like he got burned. He erroneously assumed that he could take the word of federal officials in charge of enforcing the law. Apparently, to the Department of Justice, anyone with a badge can lie as much as they want.

On Monday, Gowdy had to justify comments he made back in 2018, defending the Federal Bureau of Instigation’s role in the Russia collusion debacle. This week, he told Tucker Carlson that “his mistake at the time was ‘relying on the word of the FBI and the DOJ.'”

Gowdy could hardly believe how naive he was two years ago when Carlson played a clip. “I am more convinced the FBI did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got, and that it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.” He blew that one, he admits. “I remember watching that and thinking, boy, I hope he is right.”

Trump really was the target

Gowdy was quick to relate that he’s “made a lot of mistakes in life.” Every time he relies “on briefings and not insisting on the documents,” it bites him in the butt. He went over to the Justice Department one day and “sat there for four hours.” What he saw made him cringe, knowing he would be soon eating a lot of crow.

There in front of him in black and white were the documents proving the FBI lied. Trump really was the target. “They’d been telling us all along, ‘Trump’s not the target, the campaign’s not the target,’ so, yes, my mistake was relying on the word of the FBI and the DOJ and not insisting on the documents.”

All in all, Gowdy notes, “it took me about three weeks to correct that mistake.” Matt Gaetz is upset that they didn’t know the truth sooner. Not only did he slam Gowdy for his 2018 remarks, he pointed out that Gowdy stonewalled and attempt to “subpoena Democrats back in 2017 when he had the power to defend Gen. Michael Flynn.” According to Gaetz, when Gowdy had control, they “could have run this to the ground in 2017.” Gowdy’s foot dragging meant they “didn’t send out one single subpoena, not one, and that’s a failure of our Republican leadership.”

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