Karens are Upset About People Having Back Yard Fires

We’ve had our noses stuck in our screens for so long we don’t just…talk to our neighbors anymore. Keep an eye on your fire is also common sense, especially if the wildfires created smoke that carried throughout the continent. But Karens don’t think much of their neighbors. The neighbors are all stupid and they all need to have the police babysit them because they don’t care about anybody but themselves.

The Karens are your nosy neighbor

That has nothing better to do than get into people’s lives. The Karens insult people that are careful by assuming they aren’t.

If you look up Kimberly, BC and points north, it’s out in the middle of nowhere. This is common sense territory. Columbia Valley Fire and Rescue Service issued a press release through RDEK regarding several back yard fires.

The Karens could just talk to their neighbor

Deputy Chief Drew Sinclair said some calls could be avoided by just going to the neighbor and maybe having a chat over coffee. If what’s used for burning isn’t compliant, maybe encouraging them to do something different.

He reminded that, “We need people to start taking the fire conditions seriously.” All backyard fires and fireworks are prohibited in British Columbia. They’re under a State of Emergency from the wildfires. Sinclair said, “If you are thinking of having a fire, the message is very clear: don’t do it.”

Karens may come out with a measuring device

Portable propane fires ARE still allowed, however they have to be CSA and ULC approved. CSA is the Canadian Standards Association and ULC develops standards for products based on several things including fire.

The harder thing to manage might be that the flame height needs to be kept under 15 cm. That’s tiny. The Wildfire Act has a fine of $1,150 for those who break the restrictions and $100,000 fine if the Fire Department has to get involved.

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