Developing: Georgia Investigator’s 29 Page Elections Report Discovered and Released

You can be plastic and tell people to their face on their screen that the election was free, fair and honest. But you’re not going to erase what people saw with their own eyes that night. Georgia is one of several states suspect in massive fraud and it’s great that the information is coming out. There are laws that need to be followed because power corrupts. If certain things aren’t done, then fraud has occurred and the results are void.

Georgia election laws

Were violated in at least one way. Chain of custody documents in Fulton County are missing for 24% of ballots. Chain of custody in terms of election law is providing documentation of what happened to each ballot along the way. If it’s not there, the integrity of the election is gone.

John Solomon of Just The News issued a report stating over 100 batches of absentee ballots are missing in Georgia. Why are they missing and what’s on those ballots?

Georgia missing batches

Each batch contains at least 100 ballots. Like ordering something online, you’ll have tracking numbers to check a product’s progress to you. Same thing with ballots.

There are handwritten logs containing those tracking numbers but some are missing. Those are absentee ballots being scanned and counted. Where are those ballots?

Georgia isn’t the only state

That can pull off a statistical impossibility. In one case, five batches in order registered the exact same count. There was 392 votes for Biden, 96 for President Trump and 3 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. Different statistical impossibilities happened in a couple of the states in question.

We can’t be sure the containers the ballots were in were secure. Control sheets for the absentee ballots handled during the audit didn’t have a particular box checked so they might not have been secure. Thousands of absentee ballots had a variety of problems.

Delay, deny, destroy, discredit

Has been the Democrat way. Biden didn’t win Georgia by much, only 11,779 votes. The Democrats knew exactly how many votes they’d need to manufacture for Biden to win. The count was stopped at 1:30 am.

Just The News said the official tally changed. Over 150 batches of absentee ballots are missing. This is more than what was reported earlier. An election monitor named Carter Jones wrote a 29 page document about the sloppiness and fraud that’s just now being dug up.

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