Mother FATALLY shot while looking out the window of her home

42-year-old Kesha Luwan Lucille Tate was killed after being struck by a bullet in the chest when she went to look out the back window of her home.

Her neighbor, 30-year-old Nicholas Skylar Lucas, was reportedly drunk and had been shooting targets in his backyard, according to officials.

When Tate heard the sound of gunshots, she went to the window to investigate. That’s when she was mistakenly struck with a bullet and dropped to the ground.

Lucas was taken into custody by authorities and charged with involuntary manslaughter and shooting while under the influence.

Video on the incident can be seen here:

According to Tate’s family members, the last words she was able to utter before dying were ‘Go get help. I love ya’ll.’

Tate was a mother of nine children.

One family member stated that ‘they had to literally peel the kids off of their mother.’

No one else in the home was harmed.

Months before her untimely death, Tate had expressed concerns about the frequent gunfire that took place in the neighborhood around her home.

Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller said: ‘it is mind-blowing that a person thinks its alright to target practice or discharge a gun within close proximity of so many other homes in a neighborhood.”

If convicted, Lucas will face up to 5 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter and 2 years for shooting under the influence.

One of Tate’s daughters has created a GoFundMe page to raise money for their mother’s funeral expenses.


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