Multiple Anarchists Arrested Setting West Coast Blazes

Nobody can deny that each and every one of these arson suspects are confirmed anarchists, acting out the programmed instructions issued by the liberal network media. Whether they have documented links to Antifa or the Black Lives Matter movement or not, four men and a woman are now in custody for deliberately setting fires along the West Coast during the past week. Another fire, that’s known to be arson, hasn’t produced a suspect yet. They’re all related and every one was intentionally set. By liberals.

Anarchists torch West Coast for attention

Anarchists simply ignore the laws. Normally, the police keep them in check, but not these days. Antifa-linked domestic sleeper-cells “woke” to the Black Lives Matter programming signals and are acting as a rabble army for George Soros and the globalist forces of darkness who pull his puppet strings. The ones who own all the energy companies, chemical companies, and drug manufacturers. Even though the nineteenth century was rough on the Rothschild family, they still make more money than anyone can figure out how to count. You can bet that there is no shortage of funding for signs, Molotov cocktails, gas for buses, or all the other necessities that go with the movement of an army.

Early in the week a deadly fire began Tuesday in the town of Ashland, Oregon, which killed at least two people and destroyed “hundreds of homes.” More bodies “are expected to be discovered as search teams comb through the wreckage.” Investigators know for certain it was “human caused” but aren’t totally certain whether it was intentional or accidental. They do know there was a body found near the spot the fire started. There are at least five other cases where the cause is know to be intentional arson caused by liberal anarchists.

As the deadly Almeda fire blazed, nearby, in Jackson County, Oregon, Sheriff’s deputies discovered Michael Bakkela, described as a transient, “standing close to a very large fire” which threatened several homes. He was charged with two counts of arson. According to police, “The 911 caller reported seeing a man igniting a fire behind their home on Quail Lane.” It’s not clear if he’s a suspect in the Almeda fire or if it was the work of separate anarchists.

More fires in Washington

By Wednesday, fire and police officials had their hands full in Puyallup, Washington. They dragged an unidentified resident away in handcuffs, accused of “starting a fire on State Route 167 at Meridian.” Like many anarchists these days, he made the job of police much easier. He “may have incriminated himself in the start of a Washington state blaze via social media.” The cops can be seen pulling up in his livestream. “I’m out here on 167 right now. Looks like a fire literally just started and I just rolled up on it and it looks like it’s going crazy. I’m here with the police and they’re talking to me about it because I just called it in.” The suspect also “had earlier attended a BLM ‘protest’ he had also filmed.”

In nearby Graham, Washington a person was seen intentionally setting fire to a field in front of a business in the 10400 block of 229th St E. early Wednesday morning. “This was one hundred percent intentional, there is zero doubt,” owner Jonas Pettit insists. Surveillance shows the suspect drive up, dumping gasoline and a match, setting fire to dry grass. The video “doesn’t show the suspect or the vehicle” so cops are still searching. There are a lot of anarchists running around burning everything from AutoZones to car dealerships so they have their work cut out for them.

Things got even hotter in Washington on Thursday when “another unidentified man was detained following a short cop chase on foot over a blaze the man allegedly started at State Route 512 and State Route 7.” More work of anarchists. As state troopers report, “someone saw a man setting fire to grass with a match near State Route 512 and State Route 7 and called police.” They got there fast, then chased the man, and took him into custody.”

Golden State of California blazing in the sunset

Friday was California’s turn for some attention by the anarchists. State police arrested Anita Esquivel for intentionally starting an unknown number of fires on Highway 101 near Boronda Road that morning. While initial reports based on rumors speculated that Esquivel “had ties to extreme left-wing activist group Antifa,” the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office issued a statement saying they had no evidence of that. She wasn’t a card carrying member of Antifa, just a garden variety liberal who likes to burn things down.

Earlier in the week, another of the pyromaniac anarchists, who was also listed as a “55-year-old transient,” was arrested in Marin County on suspicion of multiple counts of arson. “Officers joined the Novato Fire Protection District in responding to a report of a tree on fire in the 1500 block of Novato Boulevard. Another fire was discovered in the area of Diablo Avenue and Novato Boulevard, which officers attended to using fire extinguishers from their vehicles.”

While fire crews battled to contain the blazes, “officers searched the area and located a suspect lighting a fire on Front Street.” The fanatic firebug was later identified as John Davies. The way things are going, the Antifa-linked and Black Lives Matter Anarchists will burn their part of America to the ground before they have a chance to go to the polls.

  1. So what we have thought all along is proving to be true. Are theses arsonists being identified as illegals. Gang members or are they all “just” BLM, Antifia, Obamaites out time do the devils work of destroying the world for Satan’s rule of mankind? Identify and expose!


  3. The Democrats are quick to blame man made global warming for the fires burning in California, Washington and Oregon. I guess in a way this article proves their point. You start with a mismanaged forest, covered deeply with underbrush and pine needles-then along comes one of the criminals these states are protecting as “peaceful demonstrators”, he strikes a match (the aforementioned global warming) and shoves the lit match into a pile of underbrush-viola, a terrible uncontrolled fire started by man made global warming. Repeat as needed, until the whole frigging state is afire. The only thing required to complete the cycle is to blame Trump for the fire, which the Democrats are currently doing-it’s a major talking point of the Biden presidential campaign. True to form, the only campaign issue the Democrats have is “We hate Trump, so don’t vote for him”.

  4. When caught committing a crime, any Antifa or BLM member should be shot on sight. They have taken homes, lives, livelihood, wiped out an entire city and they deserve the very best that can be given….one to the head after the chest.

  5. Time to stop being stupid and start stopping this crap . I know it’s California burning and they deserve it for voting the ass holes in to office out there . the time had come to take back what is ours and start killing the dumb ass’s who are doing this stupid BS . It won’t change a damn thing in our country . It’s the delusional democrats doing to fix the election . They say it will get worse if trump wins … just remember to bring alot of body bags … you will need them !!!

  6. ANTIFA is a terrorist organization. Before Obama left Office, he said of ANTIFA, you are doing a good job, keep up the good work. Obama was one of the prime backers of ANTIFA just like he was for ISIS in Iraq. $250 billion dollars flown in the middle of the night to Iran. Obama has been backing terrorists since he was a High School fool. What other terrorists did Obama set up to kill Americans that we don’t know bout?

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