Jan 6th Committee Subpoenas ANOTHER Patriot

In the Jan. 6 committee’s continued desperate efforts to destroy Donald Trump’s image, they have now chosen to issue a subpoena to patriot Alex Jones.

With the midterms looming, Democrats are working overtime to find a way to discredit Trump.

100 Percent Fedup reported, “Bannon was found guilty but is in the middle of appealing his conviction in what could be a landmark case that would overturn the law criminalizing Contempt of Congress.”

‘100 Percent Fedup’ also mentioned:

Now, the January 6th Committee plans to subpoena conservative media personality Alex Jones after his lawyers mistakenly sent his texts and emails to the opposing counsel in a lawsuit regarding Jones’ statements in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting.

The subpoena is to see if Jones and President Trump communicated during or after the unrest at the “Stop the Steal” rally.

The Daily Mail offered a more detailed report:

The January 6 House Committee will subpoena Alex Jones’ emails and text for any contact with Donald Trump after his lawyers mistakenly sent them to the lawyers of Sandy Hook parents.

Sources told Rolling Stone that the committee is preparing to request the data from Jones’ attorneys after it was revealed they sent emails and texts to Sandy Hook families despite swearing under oath that the messages didn’t exist.

The sources added that the committee began discussing how to get the messages within minutes after Sandy Hook lawyer Mark Bankston made the revelation in court on Wednesday.

Bankston was also caught on hot mic speculating what the news of the messages would mean for Jones and the January 6 committee.

‘There’s going to be months of fallout from this,’ he said. ‘You know what no one’s thought about yet? What happens when that phone goes to law enforcement?’

We’re sure this isn’t the last effort Democrats will make against patriots and conservative voices.

Sources: 100percentfedup, The Daily Mail


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